Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Tag: Millers Amusements

Miller: Southend leisure complex will ‘damage trade’

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  Adding to his growing list of complaints, Philip Miller warned the local council that plans for a new £50m leisure complex will “severely damage trade” in the town should they come to fruition.   Miller, owner of Adventure Island and Sea Life Adventure, told the council more than two in three Southend Business Improvement District (BID) members are against plans to develop...

Mark Miller: Reinvesting to offset government failures

Coinslot, Miller s Amusements
Like  many operators, Mark Miller of Millers Amusements believes the government doesn’t have what it takes to do the right thing regarding the Triennial Review. While FOBTs continue to ruin the reputation of the wider industry, Miller is working hard and reinvesting to keep is arcade in ship-shape to provide maximum value to customers.   “You’ve got to keep reinvesting, you’ve...

Millers Amusements remain hopeful for coastal growth

Coinslot, Miller s Amusements
As an operator who works across both the FEC and AGC markets, Mark Miller has a good sense of the overall coin-op market. He believes that after a steady year of business, the Triennial will spell good news for the industry, but warns redemption machine suppliers that more innovation is needed in the sector.   Millers Amusements saw a rise in...