Monday, February 26, 2024

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Night club bingo: The ‘fastest-moving’ millennial market

bongo's bingo night club
With Rank stating that the 18 to 24-age group is its fastest growing demographic of players, it’s no surprise that companies outside the industry have borrowed the bingo concept to bolster the entertainment value of their events.   “People’s attention span is minimal now. They want events that are different and experiential,” explained Joshua Burke, co-founder of Bongo’s Bingo, a company...

Maas welcomes incoming millennial jukebox impact

Coinslot - Millennial Mike Maas AMI Entertainment
The CEO of AMI Entertainment - new owners of NSM Music - Mike Maas, explains his belief that the jukebox market is primed and ready for the incoming horde of millennial customers.   Although he is hesitant to use the broad, catch-all term, AMI’s Mike Maas currently has ‘millennials’ on the brain. A cohort defined as those, “reaching young adulthood in...