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King Crole takes The Games Cup 2019 for the operators

Games Cup Trophy
In a two-day event with enough excitement to rival The Masters at Augusta, operators and manufacturers of the industry went to war for The Games Cup trophy

Placing technology and service centre stage explains the E-Service success story

Mike Clokie e-service coinslot
The breadth of the offering and the sharp focus placed on technology are key to Mike Clokie. “E-Service is the only UK company that provides the market with a complete after sales service, comprising spares as well as both bench and field based repairs, which is why we have so many customers who trust all of their...

MD of E-Service explains the service behind summer success

Pound Coins
With summer being the busiest time for operators, minimising machine downtime is of paramount importance. This swell of business is felt all throughout the supply chain, commented Mike Clokie, managing director of E-Service. With increased summer business comes increased risk of machine wear and tear. Offering the parts and services to alleviate this and keep machines working at the top...

Mike Clokie’s Playdium Picks

Mike Clokie Playdium Coinslot-1
Channelling the rebellious side of Gabi Stergides’ previous musical journey, this week Mike Clokie, Managing Director at E-Service, brings a punk rock sensibility to Playdium Picks as he blurs the musical lines between bubblegum pop, new wave art-rock, post-punk and... Barry Manilow? Mike has been a part of the industry for over 30 years, starting out with a cashless vending...

There’s service and then there’s E-Service

Coinslot Mike Clokie service
E-Service provides the industry with much more than simply a comprehensive spares and support package delivered from two key locations within the UK. Managing director, Mike Clokie, explains how, courtesy of significant investment in staff, support techniques and system infrastructure, the company has become the first choice for after sales support for many AGC’s, FEC’s, casinos and single site...

E-Service set up ‘one stop shop’ for currency changes

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
Spares and after-sales provider E-Service exhibited at EAG with the primary goal of engaging with operators who may need support through the upcoming currency changes. Managing director of E-Service Mike Clokie explained the ways in which his company can help during a time of great upheaval in the cash handling arena: “For operators who don’t want to do the upgrade...

E-Service prepares operators for new currency challenge

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
Following the introduction of the £5 polymer note last September, E-Service has been preparing to help operators get ready for the new £1 coin and £10 polymer note. E-Service is ready to help operators with the upcoming currency changes as the new £1 coin comes into circulation in March and the new £10 polymer note is released later in the...

E-Service – Preparing the new, repairing the old

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
Managing director Mike Clokie explains how E-Service will help operators adapt to the new £1 coin, as well as how the company provides spares for older machines in the market. E-Service has been preparing for the new £1 coin upgrade after assisting operators with a smooth transition to the new polymer note. As with the £5 upgrade, managing director Mike...

E-Service respond to the challenges presented by new £5 polymer note

Coinslot Mike Clokie E-service
As the new £5 polymer banknote entered the market last week, E-Service helped operators to upgrade bill validators and change machines in venues across the country.   Operators across the country have been preparing for the implementation of the new £5 polymer banknote that was released on 13 September. The new note’s increased security and durability will provide benefits in the long...