Thursday, January 21, 2021

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CBI suggests a ‘A New Approach to Migration’

Following the Home Affairs Committee’s report on migration at the end of last month, the Confederation of British Industry has published its own view, titled ‘Open and Controlled - A New Approach to Migration’, calling for a smart replacement to the unpopular freedom of movement immigration policy. British businesses want to see a new approach to migration that remains open...

Policy options for future migration from the European Economic Area

Houses of Parliament
In the summary of an interim report “published to inform Parliament and the public about the limited statements so far from the Government on future migration policy”, the Home Affairs Committee - chaired by Yvette Cooper MP - suggests the UK needs “a good overall deal” with the EU. With eight months to go until the United Kingdom leaves the...

Government migration study keeps hospitality bodies alert to employment fears

There was more to worry the British leisure and hospitality sector than reassure it in the government’s recent post-Brexit migration workers study. Albeit an interim report, the ‘EEA workers in the UK labour market’ update was collated from evidence received by more than 400 businesses and industry bodies and stated that “lower migration would very likely lead to lower growth...

British Beer & Pub Association warns against cap on low-skilled workers

Coinslot BBPA low-skilled
The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has expressed concerns over a possible cap on low-skilled workers after a Home Office post-Brexit migration document leaked to the press.   In a statement published today, BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmonds wrote: “This document suggests that there may will be a cap on low-skilled workers which would undermine the needs of the pub...

Operators praise workforce and prioritise consistency post- Brexit

Coinslot - workforce post-Brexit
As an independent committee conducts its report into the role of EU workers following Brexit, Coinslot spoke to seasonal operators about the impact any immigration deal may have on their workforce.   FEC operators have praised staff as the “lifeblood of the industry” and emphasised the importance of an accessible, reliable, and consistent seasonal workforce in post-Brexit Britain. As a Migration Advisory...

Crazy Chicken spreads its wings to make Euro migration

Coinslot Finance Package Project Crazy Chicken ticket
Following the success of its Crazy Chicken, fun ticket fruit, which was launched to the UK market in January, Project has confirmed the creation of a version for European export markets.   The high impact three player game, offers a full range of percentage settings from 20 percent through to 70 percent, and can be customised for local markets. Project managing director,...