Monday, December 6, 2021

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Mediawatch: Santa, Seagulls and Peter Crouch

Mediawatch, Christmas, Santa, Seagulls and Peter Crouch
We at Mediawatch are finding it ever harder to type with the sheer amount of mince pie crumbs clogging up our keyboards but we persevere. Wiping the sugar dusting all over our jeans and cracking our knuckles we have constructed a tale of santas, seagulls and er, Peter Crouch. Fresh from roasting our chestnuts over an open fire and the...

Songs in the key of Skegness

When I was young I’d listen to the radio waiting for my favorite songs, largely hoping for tales of Skegness and Santa. Now as it happens they’re back again, just like a long lost friend, all the songs I loved so well because just like before, it’s Mediawatch once more. Mediawatch has got all musical this week, so early apologies...

Hot under the collar

Coinslot - Coastal operators summer turn out
We have thrust our grubby hands deep into the tombola of tenuous news this week and pulled out some ginger people in a dungeon, a robotic sexual organ and a whiskey bottle love letter, which sounds like an interesting night at least. Winter, all is forgiven, we are sick to death of the smell of suncream and explaining to the...

Mediawatch tackles heatwaves, Dolly Parton and Wales

Weather sun beach
This week on Mediawatch we are heading to a video assistant referee to clear up some confusion, it initially appeared that a legal battle in Wales, Dolly Parton, a spinal fracture and a heatwave had entered the fray and my word, they’ve given it, absolute scenes. The word “Wildin” is a colloquialism often used by the linguistically creative youth of...