Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Mark Jepp: The government needs to address overall consumer confidence and change the messaging that it’s OK to get on with your lives

Mark Jepp Majestic Bingo consumer confidence Omicron variant
The pace of recovery in the bingo sector is causing considerable concern amongst operators. “Slow and stuttering” was the best Majestic Bingo’s Mark Jepp could offer citing supply chain and rising energy price issues as taking their toll...

Media does its best to scupper plans for Carlisle AGC

Carlisle agc media anti gambling narrative
The growing gap between media elites and the “little people” they wish to oversee was very much in evidence in Carlisle this weekend, where local newspaper the News and Star continued to promote the anti-gambling narrative in its effort to scupper plans to open a new AGC in the (now largely shuttered) city centre.

ITV fails to capture arcade magic with Rolling In It

Rolling In It
ITV proved once more that television can never replace the fun of the fair, with its latest gameshow ‘Rolling In It’ receiving a lukewarm reception from critics and audience alike.

Lights, Camera, attractions: Piers prove inviting for media

Piers inviting for media
Weston-super- Mare and Mumbles Piers proved the main attraction for the media recently  with the BBC filming at both locations, alongside some very special guest stars.

Gambling Commission looks to media and telecoms industry for National Lottery innovation

gambling commission
The Gambling Commission has called upon the media, telecoms and technology industries to help bring innovation to the next National Lottery licence. Speaking at the Media & Telecoms 2019 & Beyond event in London, the Gambling Commission’s Chief Executive, Neil McArthur, addressed more than 450 key players from some of the world’s leading media and communications businesses. The event was the...

William Hill and Gala Bingo win Playtech Awards

Coinslot - William Hill Playtech
The winners of the first two Playtech Awards of 2017 for marketing excellence and innovation of Playtech’s industry-leading products have been named as William Hill and William Hill won the Spring Playtech Award for its success in integrating and launching the Playtech Single Wallet across its sports and casino products and across all channels. Playtech claims William Hill’s UK TV...

GalaBingo to sponsor Aussie soaps on Channel 5

Coinslot - Gala Bingo Channel 5 Aussie has strengthened its relationship with Channel 5, after becoming the new broadcast sponsor of Aussie soaps, Neighbours and Home & Away in a deal brokered by Sky Media and 7 Stars.   GalaBingo claims the new agreement, which expands on the current deal with the British commercial television network, will further extend the brand's visibility as well as heightening its...

No thoughts of Beer-exit at UK Oktoberfest

Coinslot - Oktoberfest Media Watch
Europe’s renowned Oktoberfest is coming to Weston-Super-Mare’s Grand Pier in a refreshing initiative to showcase the town’s profile and its new Italian Gardens.   In news of leisure diversification, the area around Weston-Super-Mare Grand Pier is to host an offshoot of the world famous Oktoberfest, with one of Europe’s largest touring beer tents, the Bierhalle, opening at the newly-refurbished Italian Gardens. The...

What have the Romans ever done for Skegness?

Coinslot - Roman Skegness
Something you are likely to find on the fair shores of England, is an entire, ancient Roman town buried below a Skegness beach, or so says AOL.   Historic artefacts have often been discovered along the Lincolnshire coastline, but in apparently exciting news, one expert has now suggested that there could even be a Roman walled town waiting to be discovered...

Devon’s “Le Pimp Mobile” not so pretty in pink

Coinslot - Pimp Mobile Devon
The seaside resort of Croyde, in North Devon, has found itself in the grips of an automotive "pimp" menace, but far from it ravaging the roads, it is causing great offence whilst permanently parked.   Devon Live is reporting that the offending automotive is a bright pink “Le Pimp Mobile” van situated in full view of the main road that runs...

Happy Bear-thday to Ali Bao the giant panda

Coinslot - panda
Media Watch isn’t all just barbed comments about UK seaside attractions, we also have a heart when it matters and what matters more than celebrating a panda?   This week we send a fond birthday wish to long term theme park visitor, Ali Bao, the giant Chinese panda. New China has reported that over in South Korea’s largest theme park a celebration...

Cowell crashes cart and channels inner-child

Coinslot - Cowell crash
Simon Cowell, took flight during filming at Thorpe Park in a golf buggy and promptly crashed it, or so says The Sun.   It is reported that the music mogul was on the hunt for ice cream sandwiches to be enjoyed with his fellow X Factor presenters when he misjudged the dimensions of his vehicle, and his own ability. A source told...

Perfect plan to peck out persistent pigeon problem

Coinslot - Pigeon problem prey
The problem of pigeon faeces in Morecambe could be a thing of the past if a new plan to introduce birds of prey goes ahead.   Media Watch takes a trip to leisure-hotspot, Morecambe, where ominously-titled, The Visitor, is reporting that the introduction of birds of prey into the locality could solve a purportedly persistent pigeon problem and boost local tourism...

Staycations in Westcliff On Sea are a blast!

Coinslot - Blast Westcliff on sea
Holiday makers in Westcliff On Sea were greeted with a rather unusual bit of entertainment after a wartime bomb exploded on the Essex beach.   In wonderful Westcliff On Sea the staycation boom has taken a rather literal turn, as a second world war bomb has been detonated, so reports The Echo. Apparently onlookers gasped as the device, which was situated on...

Could Thorpe Park be the answer to Cowell’s prayers?

Coinslot - X Factor Thorpe Park
The X Factor will take its “unique” brand of entertainment to an unlikely haven for talent, Thorpe Park, as it scours the nation for the next one hit wonder.   In sunny Surrey at Thorpe Park, Simon Cowell is the latest high-profile, and high-waisted, celebrity to reap the benefits of the booming UK theme park scene reports the Huffington Post. The seemingly...

Weston-Super-Mare seafront chooses safety first

Coinslot - Piers BALPPA Insurance seafront
Plans for advertising on Weston-Super-Mare seafront lampposts has been halted amid fears for they would be used to sell fast food and even condoms.   Over in Weston-Super-Mare the seafront has seemingly been spared blushes as plans to allow business to put up adverts on exactly 14 lampposts have been shot down over fears they could be used to advertise fast...

Ronnie and Woody ordeal finally at an end

Coinslot - Woody Ronnie Mascots2
Woody Bear and Ronnie the Raccoon, mascots for Pleasurewood Hills in Suffolk, have been returned after a 48 hour kidnapping nightmare.   In non-dictatorship related news, the entire county of Suffolk breathed a collective sigh of relief as beloved amusements mascots Woody Bear and Ronnie the Raccoon were returned to Pleasurewood HIlls in Lowestoft safe and sound, so says the right...

Triennial announcement to come in October “at the earliest”

Coinslot - October Triennial Review Tracey Crouch
Well it was bound to happen. Not the Triennial Review itself, but a delay to it. For an industry used to waiting for certainty on stakes and prizes, it has a further uncertain term pacing up and down like an expectant parent. It could be October, it could be slightly later, but at least the industry is now in...

LA man clocks up 2,000 days in a row at Disneyland

Coinslot - Disneyland California
The Deccan Chronicle is reporting that a Los Angeles man has visited the Californian Disneyland Resort for a mammoth 2,000 days in a row.   Jeff Reitz, 44, has made his pilgrimage to the self-titled “The Happiest Place on Earth” every single day since 1 January 2012 which is an awful lot of happiness for one man to ingest, even in...

Derbyshire amusement ride gets its ducks in a row

Coinslot - Ducks
A ride at Gulliver’s Kingdom in Derbyshire had to be stopped after a family of ducks took up residence upon its waterways, according to none other than the Derbyshire Times.   The group in question, which consists of one duck and 12 ducklings, has apparently caused quite the stir after choosing the Pirate Adventure Ride as their new home, and in...

Woman suspected in hit and run at Happidrome Arcade

Coinslot - Southend woman suspect
In a high-octane start, images have been released of a woman suspected to have taken part in a vicious hit and run incident that has caused £3,500 worth of damage to a heritage machine in the Happidrome Arcade, as reports the Southend standard.   Owner of the premises, Martin Richardson, is calling on residents of the idyllic Essex town to help...

Gulzar’s gold touch is too much for Eastbourne pier

Coinslot - Eastbourne pier gold
The Eastbourne Herald is reporting that pier owner, Abid Gulzar, has found himself in another planning row, this time over frivolous application of gold paint.   The owner had already been granted planning permission to paint two domes in the middle of the seafront landmark to match the other 13, however, planners say the turrets supporting the domes and other roofs...

Guardians of the galactic queue at Disneyland

Coinslot - Guardians of the Galaxy queue california
The opening of Disneyland California’s Guardians of the Galaxy ride has seen reports of visitors queuing for up to seven hours for the new Marvel film inspired ride.   It is being widely reported that revellers at Disneyland, California, showed their American love of inactivity this weekend by queueing for up to seven hours for a five minute ride. Following the launch...

Salmon continues American Adventure crusade

Coinslot - Derbyshire theme park Declan Salmon petition american adventure
The reopening of Derbyshire’s American Adventure theme park has grown one step closer to being a reality as the petition edges closer to 10,000 signatures.   The Burton Mail has reported that a local resident is closing in on a petition milestone that he hopes will lead to the reopening of a theme park. Amusements aficionado, Declan Salmon, of Newhall, is convinced...

Dreamland launch more of a nightmare for local resident

Coinslot - Dreamland Versatitlity
The relaunch of Margate’s Dreamland has shocked a local resident who claims one of the park’s rollercoasters comes within inches of her flat’s balcony.   Whilst many are rejoicing about the timely reopening of Dreamland in equally dreamy Margate, a woman has been left in a state of shock after a rollercoaster at the site has been built inches from her...

Lost Doogah beach returns to Irish shores

Coinslot - Irish ireland Doogah
The return of Doogah beach, which disappeared from Irish shores over 30 years ago, has been hailed as “enormously significant” by local tourism office.   An Irish community has found a beach that somehow went missing. It is reported that a storm washed the sandy shores of Dooagh away some 33 years ago but recent tidal movements have returned tons of...

HomeRaffler commences London property lottery

Coinslot - London lottery Homeraffler
Potential homeowners in London could get their first step on the ladder for just £5 via a HomeRaffler lottery offering a Blackheath home as its prize.   Home ownership can be seen as a bit of a gamble in market conditions as volatile as they are at present, but a legislation skirting website has taken this a step further and offered...

Golden Tee goliath prepares for golfing gold

Coinslot - Golden Tee andy Haas
In the good old U S of A a fully grown adult man is preparing to defend his title as champion of an arcade machine first released in 1989.   The coin-operated Golden Tee became ubiquitous in drinking establishments soon after it came out in 1989. In the early 2000s, technology allowed players to compete with each other for prize money on...

Oxford Street’s Sisu scores fruit ‘cocktail’ machine

Coinslot - Sisu Oxford Street
In some refreshing news for the industry, a coin operated cocktail machine will be installed at an Oxford Street roof bar.   The Nordic-inspired Sisu summer space will be situated on the roof of 535 Oxford Street, or to those who enjoy burning money, The Marriott Hotel, and is being described as a “nature reserve where Londoners can escape the bustle...

Leisure Island commits to being safe, not sorry

Coinslot - Leisure Island Canvey First Aid
The manager of Canvey’s Leisure Island theme park, who believes himself to have saved a man’s life, is planning to build a state-of-the-art first aid centre.   Scott Petty, 49, was working at the Leisure Island Fun Park, on Canvey seafront, when a woman ran in and asked for help after the 86-year-old tripped over his dog’s lead and injured himself. Mr...