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No better time and place: Harry Levy commercial director Matthew Deith discusses ACOS and market trends

Matthew Deith - Harry Levy - ACOS
There are few better chances to assess market trends and plan for the year ahead than those presented at ACOS, comments Harry Levy commercial director Matthew Deith. And they certainly didn’t miss the opportunity. Whilst parts of the UK are enjoying an Indian Summer, those at ACOS were already busy planning for the next one coming up in 2019. Harry...

Harry Levy: Driving forward with diverse designs and replay value

Coinslot - Harry Levy Matthew Deith EAG
Following a successful EAG for Harry Levy, managing director Matthew Deith gives his view on the flourishing redemption market.   Harry Levy has been expanding its range of redemption products as the market trends towards a more diverse and exciting selection of games. The company showed this at EAG, where the Harry Levy stand was packed full of innovative designs and styles,...

Changing season, but same Harry Levy quality

Coinslot Harry Levy
A trio of new pushers and an innovative new change machine concept sees Harry Levy very well prepared heading into EAG and the year ahead. True to form, Harry Levy has a large range of new products, including those that are ready to hit the market right now and, as people start to look towards the 2017 season, new products...

Harry still pushing 
the envelope – unique perspective on the sector

Coinslot Harry Levy Pushers Matthew Deith
With an enviable history in the pusher game, while still producing top performing machines to this day, Harry Levy has a unique perspective on the sector, as Matthew Deith explains. Harry Levy are a household name in the pusher field, having produced market-leading machines since soon after the company was founded in 1980. Throughout the intervening 36 years, there have...