Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tag: Matt Hancock

Off The Record: Johnson gamble has to pay-off – for everyone!

UK Parliament Jessica Taylor - Boris Johnson freedom day gamble
Why it’s impossible to escape the football, Johnson’s big gamble, the inexorable decline of the high street and how Coinslot chimes with the Mayor’s Office. All topics covered in this week’s Off The Record.

Off The Record: Is Sir Keir Starmer toast?

Off The Record Is Keir Starmer Toast labour party
Who did what for the ex-health secretary, why Sir Keir Starmer needs to keep an eye on Manchester, the very serious problem of assaults on staff and why Covid Passports are happening - even if they’re not mandatory.

OTR – It’s all gone a bit Matt Hancock!

Matt Hancock Off The Record UKGC National Lottery
This week’s OTR looks at how the Euros are kicking COVID regulations into touch, confirms how being a bit ‘Matt Hancock’ is the euphemism of the moment and issues an open invitation or should that be challenge to the latest interim chief executive to occupy the hot seat at UKGC.

Legal battle for early reopening of pubs and restaurants fast-tracked in court

Sascha Lord legal challenge pubs restaurants
While the roadmap says 17 May for the reopening of pubs and restaurants, Sacha Lord is hoping to have them open as soon as possible, with his legal challenge being expedited through court despite Matt Hancock’s “stalling tactics”.

Bacta mounts legal challenge against government on AGC’s delayed reopening

Bacta legal challenge DWF Law
While bookmakers and other non-essential retail businesses prepare to open on 12 April, Bacta has decided to take legal action over the unfair, and in the trade association’s opinion “illegal”, decision to delay AGC’s from reopening until 17 May.

Independent pub chain offers up shuttered bars as vaccination centres

BrewDog vaccination centre offer
Once again, the team at BrewDog has shown the power of creative thinking, transforming a crisis into something of a gilt-edged opportunity and one which could benefit the wider population.

Amusements back in action by 15 June

Boris Johnson briefing AGCs reopen
With the government announcing that “betting shops and arcades” can re-open on 15 June, Bacta has confirmed that AGCs can make a comeback next month, with a clarification on FEC’s return date underway.

BBPA marks English Tourism Week with secretary of state

Coinslot - BBPA Budget Pub
As English Tourism Week draws to a close, the BBPA chief executive visited one of Britain's many great pubs in the constituency of the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Matt Hancock MP.   For tourists, Britain's pubs are a beacon. They offer something uniquely British and are often identified as a major attraction for a British holiday....

Hancock grilled by MPs on FOBTs

Coinslot Matt Hancock DCMS
  As the gambling industry, and many other interest groups across the country, waits for the DCMS to decide the fate of FOBTs maximum stake, culture secretary Matt Hancock faced hard questioning from MPs in parliament.   Culture secretary Matt Hancock recognised the issue of FOBTs “raises strong emotions in the House and around the country” in parliament on 8 February, as...

Treasury try to stem momentum on £2 FOBT stake

Treasury FOBT stake
As one would expect with the tumultuous debate over FOBTS, as the picture gets clearer, the mist swoops in to cloud the vision. When you thought it was impossible to halt the £2 maximum stake momentum, the Chancellor has, according to newspaper reports, stepped in to stop the surge. Money, surprise, surprise, sits at the very heart of the...