Saturday, January 29, 2022

Tag: Matt Bland

UDC reports ‘hot ticket sales’ since industry re-opening

UDC redemption tickets
The United Distributing Company has reported that it has been delivering ‘many more redemption tickets’ than expected during July and August with visitors returning to arcades, particularly at seaside resorts.

Park Avenue Open Day postponed as Covid-19 takes its toll

Park Avenue open day postponed
Hosted jointly by Electrocoin and the UDC, the industry calendar fixture has been deferred due to concerns over the safety of guests during the Coronavirus crisis.

UDC brings full-feature range to ACOS to place operators “front of the queue”

UDC boasted something for everyone at ACOS 2019, offering FEC operators a range of new and popular products aimed at providing entertainment for..

ECAS less than three weeks away

UDC - ECAS East Coast Amusement Show
The United Distributing Company is gearing up for its two-part East Coast Amusement Show, which will be opening doors in less than three weeks.

UDC explores the full spectrum of redemption games

Coinslot - UDC Matt Bland Redemption market
Matt Bland of the UDC (United Distributing Company) presents a detailed look into the redemption business.   Which redemption games have been the most successful over the past twelve months for UDC? We’ve been very happy with the entire range for 2016, especially games such as Chaos!, Tower of Tickets, Pieces of Eight, Tower of Terror Roll-down and Fishbowl Frenzy. All of...