Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Tag: Marvel

Electrocoin announces Led Zeppelin pinball among its 2021 launches

Electrocoin Led Zepplin pinball and ball paradise
Electrocoin has announced a host of exciting products and new developments of existing successful lines for the single site, AGC’s and FEC sectors.

Stern Pinball and Electrocoin assemble to announce Avengers: Infinity Quest

Marvel Avengers Infinity Quest Stern Pinball
Stern Pinball has announced the availability of Avengers: Infinity Quest, a new line of Marvel themed pinball machines to be distributed by Electrocoin.

Guardians of the galactic queue at Disneyland

Coinslot - Guardians of the Galaxy queue california
The opening of Disneyland California’s Guardians of the Galaxy ride has seen reports of visitors queuing for up to seven hours for the new Marvel film inspired ride.   It is being widely reported that revellers at Disneyland, California, showed their American love of inactivity this weekend by queueing for up to seven hours for a five minute ride. Following the launch...