Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Cashless moves into jukebox sector: GPT signs integration agreement with NSM Music

Cashless jukebox GPT signs integration agreement with NSM Music
Jukebox manufacturer NSM Music has signed an integration partnership with Game Payment Technology, hailing the GPT app as “the perfect tool to keep customers selecting their favourite music.”

AMI Entertainment Network purchase NSM Music Group

Coinslot, NSM , Alex Kirby
U.S. based entertainment network to invest in innovations for European Jukebox market. A major shift in the dynamics of the European jukebox industry has seen the acquisition of NSM Music Group Ltd. by US-based AMI Entertainment Network, a leading provider of music and video entertainment solutions to the nightclub and bar industry. AMI has been designing and manufacturing jukeboxes for almost...

Bacta in tune with PPL to achieve level playing field for operators

Coinslot bacta John White PPL
A bacta delegation comprising chief executive John White, David Gershlick and NSM’s Martin Agabeg, has met with the PPL in order to develop a co-ordinated plan of action to combat some, non-bacta operators who are failing to ensure publicans and other customers are complying with their legal licensing requirements. John White believes operators who are not policing the full licensing...