Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Singing praises: Harry Levy’s Angry Birds dubbed “the best income hammer game” by operators

Geoff Spencer Harry Levy Amusements Angry Birds Whacker
Described as “the best money taker this season” and “the best income hammer game onsite”, Angry Birds Whacker Game has been praised by FEC operators for its winning theme and eye-catching features. Harry Levy’s Geoff Spencer explains why.

Kravis closes in on high street development for Somerset West and Taunton

Marcus Kravis Taunton Future High Streets Fund
Somerset West and Taunton Council has gone through to the second round of vying for the government’s Future High Streets Fund, with FEC operator and councillor

Kravis wins his ward as Lib Dems take the wheel

Marcus Kravis Lib Dems
After several weeks of hard campaigning, FEC operator Marcus Kravis has returned to local government in the South West.

Minehead’s Marcus Kravis calls for rates and regulation rethink

Marcus Kravis The Arkade Minehead Marcus Kravis
The Arkade’s Marcus Kravis sets out what he sees as the challenges - and potential achievements - on the cards for seaside operators.

Marcus Kravis to run for MP of Bridgewater and West Somerset

Coinslot - Marcus Kravis bacta
Bacta Division 3 chairman and Liberal Democrat candidate Marcus Kravis, who also operates The Arkade in Minehead, speaks to Coinslot about the marriage between politics and small business as he stands to be both county councillor for Minehead and MP for Bridgewater and West Somerset.   Chosen to be the candidate in case of a snap general election late last year,...