Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Perpetual innovation: There’s plenty more Magic from NOVOMATIC!

Kevin Temple Novomatic UK NGUK Magic Games Novoline
Kevin Temple, Director of Sales at NOVOMATIC Gaming UK, talks to Coinslot about the Magic Games™ product dynasty and “the perpetual innovation” that’s driving the gaming giant forward. Timely really, as NOVOMATIC are gearing up for the post-Covid expo season, so we have had a peek into what the market will be seeing for 2022 and beyond.

Novomatic Gaming UK’s B3 and Cat C offering is going from strength to strength

Novomatic UK NGUK Kevin Temple
Novomatic Gaming UK are in positive mood at the moment, not least because of the line-up of new B3 and Cat C offerings entering the market shortly. Coinslot asked NGUK to run through developments. Here, they offer a first-hand insight to what their customers can be looking out for.