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Maggi Electronics: Expert knowledge vital to ensure maximum efficiency

Maggi electronics
The Maggi Electronics triumvirate of an extensive product range, expert service knowledge and dedicated engineers ready to work on-site means that operators are only a phone call away from best-in-class support, comments company managing director Joe Pritchard. Coinslot: How important in today’s market is after-sales care and service? Joe Pritchard:In the industry we all work in, time or more importantly down...

Time is money according to Maggi’s Paul Yorke

Coinslot - Maggi Paul Yorke money
Time is money so the old adage goes, and now in a market of constant change and currency co-circulations, the phrase has never been so relevant, comments operations manager at Maggi Electronics, Paul Yorke.   Service doesn’t end at sale, and for those operating in a market as mercurial as that of coin op what happens past the point of purchase...

Election and Brexit big topics at North West AGM

Coinslot - bacta AGM
Bacta’s North West AGM provided operators in the area and further afield with a forum to discuss key issues in the industry before the summer season.   The upcoming general election and the impact of Brexit were big talking points at this year’s North West AGM, Joe Pritchard, chairman of the regional association, said. Pritchard, who is also managing director of Maggi...

Maggi: Be up-to-date for bumper season

Coinslot - Maggi Paul yorke
Celebrating its 25th year in business, cash-handling supplier Maggi Electronics has urged operators to stay ahead of the currency changes in what promises to be a busy summer season.   As a continuum of post-Brexit reports echoes, the allure of holiday entertainment on home soil is lifting the spirits of the domestic amusement industry. With such strong prospects on the visitor horizon,...

Maggi Electronics – Ahead of the money game

Coinslot Maggi Electronics Joe Pritchard
Maggi Electronics is well prepared to support their customers through the impending currency changes of 2017. Top of the list will be new coin ready conversion kits including the NV9, 10 and 11+. Maggi Electronics have made early preparations in gearing up for all currency changes. With a recorded total of 2.2 billion £1 coins manufactured in April 1983, to...

Prepare for currency changes with Maggi Electronics

Coinslot Maggi Electronics
With the Bank of England halfway through the proposed currency changes, Maggi Electronics is now preparing operators for the new £10 and £20 polymer banknotes. Machine components and cash handling specialist Maggi Electronics has made an early preparation in gearing up for the currency changes. The company has been monitoring the currency changes which began with the introduction of the...

Maggi Electronics – Currency switch as easy as ABC

Coinslot Maggi Electronics
Maggi Electronics has positioned itself as a one-stop shop for everything currency related, as the industry continues the switch to new notes and coins. As a leading repair and service centre Maggi Electronics continually repairs, reprogrammes, updates and supplies a number of Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) and Innovative Technology products. As the Bank of England expect, more than half the £5...

Gurus reveal spares and components wisdom

Coinslot Maggi Electronics Stephanie Smith
Maggi Electronic’s marketing co-ordinator, Stephanie Smith, delves into the services offered by her company and the ethos behind its commitment to spares and components.   Coinslot: How does Maggi ensure that it has a good supply of spares and components available on demand? Stephanie Smith: Our workshop manager David Kay, methodically maintains and manages a minimum working stock level to ensure our...