Saturday, June 25, 2022

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HMRC launches survey on Machine Games Duty Guide

HMRC Machine Games Duty MGD survey
HM Revenue and Customs is seeking feedback on its new guide on Machine Games Duty. The agency debuted the Machine Games Duty (MGD) Guide at the start of March.

Supply chain: Locked down and locked out of government support measures

Cashino Bromley Sascha Blodau Gauselmann
“The consequences of not having a robust supply chain would, in my opinion, have disastrous consequences for the industry,” argues Gauselmann UK’s GM Sascha Blodau.

Gauselmann drives the industry’s call for a cut in MGD

Sascha Blodau Gauselmann MGD cut call
Industry giant Gauselmann is urging the Chancellor to cut MGD to 5 percent and start to rebuild the industry supply chain.