Monday, February 26, 2024

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“With cashless transactions now representing over 80 percent of all transactions in many pubs, how can the fruit machine in the corner be the only thing in the country...

John White Bacta Convention Speech
Bacta chief executive John White was in feisty mood at this year’s AGM, but then he needed to be. At the most important juncture in the industry’s history, there is an opportunity to move governance on in a progressive and modern way. The problem, though, is not everyone has a progressive future in mind. White was on the offensive when it came to new regulatory options - in fact, they not only offered nothing for the future, but offered up a handcuff to the industry by “turning simple choices into complex changes.” Indeed, when it comes to machine ratios and cashless payment options, the regulator is pushing new legislation, intended to make the industry “fit for the digital age”, into one that would be barely recognisable in the Stone Age. Coinslot draws out the highlights of the White speech which has a lot of red markings on some of the responses to the White Paper.

White Paper leak reveals a £2 stake limit could be rolled out for Under-25s

White Paper leak
The Sun newspaper has published leaks that suggest stake limits for under-25s will be part of upcoming legislation, as the government moves to fortify gambling age restrictions.