Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Lucky Star: Making gambling fun again

Since the Triennial announcement, Lucky Star owner Nigel Botelho believes high-street gamblers have lifted their heads up from the FOBT, and began to reconsider the entertainment-focused approach of the AGC. Accurately predicting player behaviour following the Triennial Review decision has been an endeavour for many in the industry, but Nigel Botelho, owner of Lucky Star, has the benefit of a...

Digital and legacy, operating together in perfect harmony

With three AGCs in London and the Home Counties, Lucky Star operator Nigel Botelho explains how an equilibrium of legacy and digital is key to his operations, with the weight of balance depending on each site’s specific location. While digital machines have been the leading disruptive technology of Category B3 over the last decade, Lucky Star operator Nigel Botelho maintains...

The Lucky Star strategy

lucky star
Working in the manufacturing side of the industry since his 18th birthday, the owner of Lucky Star Amusements, Nigel Botelho, has seen both sides of the curtain - influencing his strategy when it comes to opening and operating the company’s three AGCs.   Opening its latest site only a couple of months ago, Lucky Star Amusements is taking a pragmatic approach...