Monday, February 26, 2024

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Lords on the warpath – could amendment pose a threat to AGCs?

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A group of Lords are seeking to attach an amendment to a major crime bill which would give councils the power to deny licenses for all FOBTs, but do the wide-reaching powers pose a threat to AGCs? A group in the House of Lords is attempting to add an amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill which would radically increase...

Lib Dem Lord tasks May to crack down on B2s

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Lord Clement-Jones has hit back at comments made by Malcolm George, CEO of the Association of British Bookmakers, who wrote in the Financial Times that FOBTs are “like many other gaming machines.” This “disregards the enormous human misery that these £100-a-spin machines cause,” the  Liberal Democrat Lord said in a letter to the editor. “The bookmaking industry has created casinos...