Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Alex Kirby: looking forward to a year that will “start with a bang”

Alex Kirby NSM Music 2021 review
2021 has been a bit of a rhapsody for NSM with some epic trading before, during and after ACOS. Keen to keep the momentum going, Alex Kirby is hoping for restraint when it comes to the option of further restrictions, especially the market for newer more versatile jukeboxes growing stronger.

Regal’s Connected Network brings benefits to machine players and customers

Matt Bicknell Regal Leisure Connected Network benefits
Despite being a commercial body-blow, Lockdown provided an opportunity for Regal to consolidate its core strengths and identify a strategy moving forward that delivers on behalf of its customer-base. Over the course of the year it led the way partnering with the market-leading OKTO digital wallet, won valuable new business and if there was an upside to the pandemic Regal found it and used it to help its customers.

Phil Burke’s looking for “continued recovery” with “no further setbacks or the need for restrictions and full lockdowns”

Phil Burke Novomatic UK continued recovery with no further setbacks
NOVOMATIC Gaming UK made a strong return to action during the latter part of 2021 with ACOS proving a big hit for the manufacturer.

“Lockdown by stealth”: JD Wetherspoon boss warns of Plan B impact

Lockdown by stealth JD Wetherspoon boss warns
JD Wetherspoon chair Tim Martin has claimed the country is “heading towards a lockdown by stealth” during a recent earnings forecast, warning H121 will be “loss-making or marginally profitable.”

Scottish Government ignores concerns to vote in favour of Covid passport

Nicola Sturgeon Covid Passports
Scotland has ploughed ahead with Covid passports despite cross-party criticism and concerns from the hospitality sector, but will they follow English U-turn?

Comment: Time to confront the antivaxers / If you want to lockdown, then you lockdown / Good news, bad news

Sketch Comment 2741 lockdown restrictions ending
There was a surprising kickback from some quarters to Boris Johnson’s determination to remove Covid restrictions this week. And it seems to be coming from..

‘Save it for the bingo’: But how much bingo will be left to save it for?

Andrew Reilly Hollywood Clubs Save it for the bingo
In Jon and Lucy Richardson’s brilliant TV comedy, the central catchphrase of ‘Save it for the bingo’ raises a laugh every time the dour comedian says it. But in the real world of bingo clubs, life’s not so funny: the lack of direct and targeted government support is putting the popular sector in jeopardy. Coinslot talks to Hollywood Clubs’ Andrew Reilly about his latest effort to get the sector some support.

Comment: Blair’s vaccination argument.. / Money for old rope / What, another month?

Comment 2738 lockdown extended
Lockdown will be around for another four weeks to drain even more optimism out of the hospitality industry.

There’s no Delta dawn for industry as lockdown easing is delayed

Boris Johnson lockdown easing delayed
“Another kick in the balls” is how machine supplier Ian Eason described Boris Johnson’s decision to move ‘freedom day’ on to July 19.

Several years of decline recorded in one summer for retail gambling

retail gambling decline
Before Covid-19 retail gambling was in slow decline, but with lockdown and restrictions giving online gambling even more competitive advantages, the amusements, non-remote bingo, and non-remote betting sectors have all lost more in the summer of 2020 than they have for several years prior.

Accelerate the exit from lockdown argues Imperial College professor

John Wallace Linton roadmap economic recovery exit lockdown
The government’s narrow definition is masking the true impact of Covid’s long-term cost on the economy. The roadmap to recovery is going to cost the country a great deal more than opening up earlier.

Lost forever: 2,000 pubs, 2.1 billion pint sales, and £8.2bn in trade

BBPA Pubs reopening
The BBPA has revealed the extent of the devastation to pubs and brewers one year on from the first Covid-19 lockdown, reiterating its view that government must ensure pubs can operate without restrictions on June 21.

Comment – Ending lockdown too slowly is real risk – The Good the Bad and the Problem

Comment lockdown economic recovery problem gambling levels Gambling Commission survey
The roadmap has caused further indignation, anger and disappointment for the industry, but not all of the science thinks the route marked caution

Coin-op pushed into the slow lane on government’s roadmap to recovery

roadmap to recovery
It wasn’t the roadmap the coin-op industry was hoping for, nor needed. Instead of driving in the fast lane towards recovery, Boris Johnson’s plan to get Britain’s business traffic moving again shunted coin-op on to the hard shoulder.

Wales may open in time for Easter, hints Drakeford

Mark Drakeford contemplating Wales Easter reopening
The Welsh government has confirmed that it is contemplating reopening its economy in time for the Easter holiday. In an interview with BBC Breakfast earlier this week..

Gauselmann seek partnership approach to planning the way out of lockdown

Cashino Bromley partnership approach to re-opening
Gauselmann UK, one of the leading low-stake gambling investors on Britain’s high street, has urged government to work with the industry and agree an action plan prior to publication of the government’s exit strategy which is expected later this month.

The industry needs an early return

Paolo Sidoli predicts good leisure year supply chain
It’s going to be a good year for the leisure sector, predicts SB Machines’ Paolo Sidoli with staycation forecasts signalling a Brit invasion on home shores. But the supply chain will need to be patient - it will take time for this buoyancy to filter through. All the more reason then, he argues, that support measures are available to supply businesses.

Stott: Government must extend lifeline to suppliers

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming suppliers
Reflex Gaming MD Quentin Stott says that limiting supply-chain firms to furlough funding, whilst the entirety of their customer-base remains shuttered, could soon lead to dire consequences for the wider economy.

“No evidence” of gambling surge during lockdown, confirms regulator

No evidence gambling surge during lockdown data
Contrary to much of its alarmist rhetoric, the regulator has copped to the fact that its data-set proves that at-home gambling rates remained largely unchanged - despite ongoing lockdown measures. In a gambling review environment, evidence - and ‘no evidence’ - is everything.

Majority of pubs still waiting on Christmas and November lockdown grants

Emma McClarkin BBPA pubs lockdown grants
The British Beer & Pub Association has revealed that three in four wet led pubs are still yet to receive their Christmas grant promised to them by the Prime Minister at the beginning of December 2020.

The Pub Supply Chain: A year of knock-backs

Pub supply chain
As part of Bacta’s divisional perspectives, Steph Norbury speaks to Inspired’s Peter Davies and Dransfied’s Chris Haley about the impact the past year has had on the pub supply chain

Admiral’s Jowsey: Sod support, just let us reopen

Admiral Taverns Chris Jowsey
Heading up Admiral Taverns, Chris Jowsey has called many of the government’s concessions to hospitality “useless” in the fact of extended closure - and called for a timetable towards reopening synchronised with that of other non-essential retail.

At least 250,000 UK small businesses set to fold without further help, claims new study

small business closing down research
The Quarterly Small Business Index which surveyed a total of 1,401 firms paints a sorry picture of dwindling confidence and business closures. 2021 could be another tough year for business.

Be vigilant through lockdown, McArthur warns big betting

Neil McArthur lockdown betting warning
Betting chiefs received a stern word from the head of the Gambling Commission this week, with a note reminding them of their heightened obligations to vulnerable customers throughout the period of lockdown.

Full lockdown is costing Marston’s a cash burn of £4m a week

Marston's financial report
Its latest trading report makes grim reading for the short-term but Marston’s is confident about the medium-term outlook for its suburban pub estate.

BBPA warns of “Mayday” crisis if pub closures extend to spring

Pubs shutdown BBPA crisis
The British Beer and Pub Association has warned of pubs being “lost for good” if Westminster imposed a shutdown until May without additional funding.

Councils floundering to get grants right, says Holland

Reece Holland Bridlington
Bridlington industry figure Reece Holland says that government has done a “marvellous” job of supporting British business, but when it comes to supporting amusements - it’s local authorities who are letting the side down

Bacta “tea-leaves” suggest no route to re-opening until May

John White Bacta re-opening timeline
Bacta has told members that noises out of Westminster suggest re-opening in time for Easter could be a long-shot for most amusement outfits. The spring-board for UK plc is more likely to be May.

As Tim Martin takes aim at government “propaganda” on lockdown, fellow operators lend their backing

Tim Martin Wetherspoons Sweden without draconian restrictions
Wetherspoons CEO Tim Martin has argued that Sweden shows life can go on without resorting to draconian restrictions. It’s a view many operators, including Brighton Palace Pier owner Luke Johnson, supports.

Blueprint Operations completes G4 training as 360 program continues to build

David Purvis Blueprint Operations safer gambling 360 programme safer gambling
Embedding the safer gambling philosophy throughout the organisation is at the heart of Gauselmann UK’s 360 initiative with the team at Blueprint Operations recently completing the G4 staff training programme.