Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Gambling Business Group slam use of ‘false facts’ as anti-industry rhetoric gets louder and louder

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group slams use of false facts in anti-gambling industry rhetoric
The selective and in some cases wrong use of data is turning up the volume in the anti-gambling narrative that’s currently dominating news channels. The Gambling Business Group’s Peter Hannibal is calling for a more informed debate.

Vaccine passports remain a concern for fairs and showmen

Fairgrounds showmen vaccine passports concern
The Showmen’s Guild, together with colleagues in the fairground and show industries, has highlighted ongoing concerns surrounding the introduction of a COVID-passport, together with hesitancy by local governments around the UK to allow events to resume.

BACTA to quiz Reading councillor over AGC blunder

Coinslot Reading Town Hall
Comments made last week by Reading councillor Tony Page, as he pushed for deferral on an AGC planning decision, have caused concern among industry stakeholders. Questions have been raised following his suggestion that the proposed arcade would offer machines which allowed wagers of £100 every 20 seconds, the kinds of stakes reserved purely for the FOBTs. Page - who is...