Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tag: local councils

Concerns mount over parking issues in Bournemouth

parking, Bournemouth, local councils
For some reason, local councils do not want cars in their towns, as evidenced in an abject town centre parking programme by authorities up and down the country. All of which is a major problem for seaside resorts who depend on sizeable parking facilities to accommodate families visiting the town. Bournemouth are the latest to feel the pain with local...

Toilet-gate: Britain’s bogs going down the drain

Public toilet sign
As recent statistics highlight a sharp reduction nationwide in council-maintained public toilets, the weight of facilities provision is increasingly being borne by high-street and coastal business. Evidence once again that the industry tends to get the shit end of the local authority stick, or that public convenience has become too great an inconvenience? New figures released under the Freedom of Information...