Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Rhyl town council overruled on plush toy objections

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They may be cuddly, but the upcoming arrival of an army of plush toys seems to be ruffling feathers in Rhyl - where an application to store thousands of arcade redemption prizes has been met with ire by the town council. The mysterious FEC applicant - listed only as a “Mr Sparks” - has requested permission to install a series...

Disquiet over AGC’s inventive plans for disused toilet

Plans to turn a disused toilet block in Ashbourne, Derbyshire into an AGC have been met with vociferous opposition from some members of the public who would seemingly prefer the lot to remain vacant. As is becoming common theme, those with little to no knowledge of the market are worried that a property featuring gaming machines would be of detrimental...

AWPs fine with me, says Bolton commissioner

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Support and understanding of the industry from a local legislator? No, it’s not a joke - as one Bolton councillor goes on the record. A prominent Bolton councillor and licensing commissioner has spoken out in support of AWP machines in pubs - following the unanimous decision by the regional committee to approve a new Cat C placement. Councillor Nick Peel sat...

Victory: Feltham showmen won’t be re-housed, says council

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It’s a happy conclusion for Feltham showmen fighting construction of new housing development by Hounslow Council - after legislators announced their homes were safe...for now. For over a year the showmen community in Feltham has been waging an uphill battle. The west London suburb has been home to showpeople since 1905 - after a group of families put down roots in...

All talk and no action: Canvey council under fire from within

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Pressure is mounting on Castle Point Council to make good on long-awaited coastal regeneration plans in Canvey Island, after one of its own members declared that all it seemed able to do was “talk talk talk.” A “masterplan” of redevelopment in Canvey has been bandied about since before the 2008 recession, with outlined plans detailing new public toilets on the...

Whitby Piers: And yet another deadline missed for crucial repairs as ‘nothing going on yet’

Whitby Pier
Maintenance work may finally get underway on the piers in Whitby this autumn, but not after yet another broken promise from Scarborough Council. Long-delayed repair work to Whitby’s piers seems to have stalled yet further - with previously announced September start-date now pushed backed by several weeks. Earlier this year Scarborough Borough Council pledged that its £9m Whitby Piers Coast Protection...

Blackpool South Pier loses log flume planning permission decision

Blackpool South Pier
After moving onto the promenade, Blackpool South Pier’s log flume has been a hit with holidaymakers. But now the council has ordered it to be removed. The owner of Blackpool’s South Pier has lost out in its bid to keep a log flume ride on its current site on the resort’s promenade just north of the attraction. The Blackpool Pier...

Council leader praises “protection of the past” at Mumbles Pier

Mumbles Pier
A visit from the head of the local legislature has seen Swansea Council praise Ameco’s project to maintain the town’s heritage by refurbishing its Victorian pier. The leader of Swansea Council has thrown vocal support behind the major restoration effort at Mumbles Pier - saying that he is “delighted” that the city has opted to “protect its past.” Councillor Rob Stewart...

Blackpool South Pier set to hear decision on log flume location

Blackpool South Pier
The owner of Blackpool’s South Pier will learn this week if its application for permission to keep the attraction’s log flume ride in its current site has been successful. The move has been opposed by Blackpool Council’s planning officers and the nearby Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Eighteen months ago, Blackpool Pier Company was granted permission to re-locate the log flume from its...

Clacton nails Jolly Roger to the mast

Clacton Pier
Clacton Pier has bowed to public opinion and decided against renaming its oldest and most iconic building - for now at least. The Jolly Roger building was originally built in 1893 as part of the first attempts to convert the pier from a steamer jetty into a leisure destination. Ongoing work at the pier - representing the second-phase of a £4m...

Felixstowe Pier knee-deep in toilet trouble

Felixstowe Pier
Things got intense and aromatic at Felixstowe Pier last weekend, after a surge in public use of the arcade’s toilet facilities forced management to smash the metaphorical glass, sound the alarm, and declare the bogs a write-off. With footfall from sun-baked beach-goers at a record high this summer, staff at the pier had tried to anticipate an increase in lavatorial...

Mumbles Pier development draws closer despite “heated” local meeting

Mumbles Pier
In a community council survey, residents voted ‘yes’ to the proposed plans for Mumbles Pier. However, such ambitious projects rarely tend to please everyone. he majority of Mumbles residents are in favour of the long-awaited Mumbles Pier development, according to a recent community council poll - despite a recent “heated” local meeting on the matter. With approval for outline plans granted...

Hastings council leader champions pier co-operation

Hastings Pier
The leader of Hastings Borough Council has highlighted the importance of forming a strong working partnership with the new owner of the town’s historic pier. Facing questions from councillors over the future of the grade-II listed structure Peter Chowney was quick to point out that it is in the best interests of the town to work in conjunction with Sheikh...

Skegness Sky Pier plans approved

Coinslot Skegness Pier
Mere weeks after plans were first unveiled, Skegness town planners have given the green light for an ambitious five-storey Sky Pier project. The site, which has laid derelict for ten years, will be developed into a new mixed-use entertainment venue that will include various amenities and an observation deck on its top floor. Members of East Lindsey District Council gave the...

Business knows best

Hastings Pier going private, and the i360 offered adoption by Brighton Pier, Olly Gully argues that councils should finally learn the lesson of their limitations. The more you learn about local authorities, the more you learn about the unfortunate reality that so many councils are blessed with busy bodies who don’t know much at all about business. They make predictions,...