Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Coastal development stalls as EU funding remains unreplaced

Coastal development EU funding unreplaced
Local authorities across the UK are still waiting for funds from the government to replace the £1.5bn in EU funding that was returned to the UK annually.

Councils continue to play prohibitionist politics instead of following policy

Councils play prohibitionist politics amusements centre AGC licences
More and more local councils are taking the moral high ground when it comes to gambling and amusement centre licences. The only problem is, it’s too often their own personal morals. The law sets out exactly what the parameters are, so why do some councillors still object rather than learn about the gaming centre offerings?

‘It is clear that the local authorities do not understand our industry’

John Stergides 2020 review local authorities dont understand our business
The industry has adapted. However, it is clear that the local authorities do not understand our industry (and many others) fully as those in the supply chain have not been supported with enough help during the Covid situation and have been running the country to..