Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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The 16 year war is over: HMRC decides to stand by Tribunal decision on gaming machine VAT

HMRC office VAT
Finally, some 1,000 businesses in the industry will receive their money back having handed over VAT on gaming machines when it wasn’t due between 2005-2013. After countless court cases HMRC once again stepped back from prolonging the dispute and decided against an appeal. Now, off the battleground and into the treaty negotiations: how long will it take to return the money?

White demands explanation from Treasury on VAT repayment delay

HMRC VAT refund delay Bacta pressure
Operators that incorrectly paid VAT on certain machines in a period up until 2005 deserve to be repaid, says Bacta CEO John White, who has written to the financial secretary to the Treasury emphasising the importance of cash resources to operators during an economic crisis and demanding an explanation for the delay and a timetable for repayment.

Tribunal brings to a close 21 years of fighting over VAT on machines: Judge rules in favour of Rank Group in landmark case against HMRC

Rank Group - Tribunal brings to a close 21 years of fighting VAT HMRC
For over two decades - and maybe closer to quarter of a century - the industry and HMRC have been playing VAT ping pong through the courts and through their banks accounts in a fierce battle over tax due on S16/21 and S31/34 machines.

Rank and HMRC back at the Tribunal over VAT monies

The Rank Group Gongman tax
Rank seem to have pulled their old gongman out of the archives and the former symbol of the gaming giant is banging that tam tam like crazy. With one victory of £42.5 million under its belt, the Group is back at the Tribunal this week for another return of VAT monies incorrectly taken by HMRC. And it could mean so much more for the broader industry - possibly £1 billion plus more?