Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Barry Slasberg: Letter to the editor

HMRC Kingsley Park WMC Barry Slasberg
I am delighted to inform you that HMRC have committed themselves to repaying the VAT and interest dishonestly extracted from my club (Kingsley Park WMC, Northampton) and thousands of other like businesses in 2014

NRM, a company in time with the heartbeat of bingo

Coinslot - NRM bingo heartbeat Andrew Ludlow Paul Whitbread
Following Paul Whitbread’s letter to the Editor extolling the social contributions made by bingo, we decided to catchup with the thinking at NRM. As well as talking with Whitbread in his capacity as founder and chairman of NRM, we also spoke with managing director and coowner, Andrew Ludlow who joined the company in 2012.   It’s five years since you joined...