Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tag: Leisure 2000

It’s the cashbox that counts for Leisure 2000

Coinslot Leisure 2000
Gracing the South West coast with impressive stature, Leisure 2000 focuses on bringing in the best performing machines on the market. Whether these are used, refurbished, or brand new, it’s all about what the customers want to pay-to-play for. While Leisure 2000 primarily looks to bring in brand new attractions, the Paignton, Devon arcade utilises used and refurbished machines to...

Enterprise Amusements: from adversary to accompaniment

Coinslot Gary Bond Enterprise Amusements Paignton
Leisure 2000 in Paignton achieved ‘group’ status this summer, when its owner Gary Bond took over operations at his sole competitor, Enterprise Amusements. Gary Bond, owner of Leisure 2000, a successful arcade on Paignton’s seafront, has recently taken over operations at his longtime rival, the also profitable Enterprise Amusements only 100 yards inland. Both arcades had been competitors until this summer,...