Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Gambling review due in Spring, but legislation will lag

John Whittingdale legislation Gambling Review
Following former gambling minister John Whittingdale’s speech to Bacta members at last week’s annual general meeting, CEO John White told Coinslot that the upcoming gambling review now seems due for early Spring, but legislation and implementation may stretch into 2023 and beyond.

Williams backs staff protection law

Adam Williams Llandudno Pier staff protection law hospitality leisure
Llandudno Pier owner Adam Williams has joined Usdaw in calling for new laws to protect hospitality staff from abuse, as Welsh ministers urge the UK government to update legislation.

BBPA reports pubs overpay £570m in business rates

Business Rates being overpaid BBPA
The British Beer and Pub Association has reported that pubs overpay their fair share of business rates by £570m annually, as it calls for “root and branch” reform.

No doubting, Thomas has a clear vision for the industry

Hippodrome Casino Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas talks to Coinslot about lockdown, trading out of a pandemic, the gambling review and everything in between.

Irish legislators to decide regulator powers

Irish legislators regulator to decide regulatory powers
Irish legislators have begun the process of defining the jurisdiction of the country’s new independent gambling regulator, agreed as part of the Interim Gaming and Lotteries Act.

Interview call for pub machine history book

Peter Weir book machine history
Author and machine supplier Peter Weir is calling on members of the pub machine manufacturing and supply industry to share memories of the sector between the years of 1968 and 2018 for an upcoming book.

And away we go: Government launches “wide-ranging” review of UK gambling law

Gambling legislation Oliver Dowden
After months of delay due to Covid-19, a “comprehensive” update of Britain’s 15-year-old gambling framework will, say ministers, aim primarily to propel the Gambling Act forward into the “digital age”.

Bacta battles Scottish government for arcade clarity

Scottish arcade clarity legislation call
Scottish amusement arcades were thrown into confusion on 30 October, as the government published legislation forbidding their operation under new Level Two measures, despite previously stating they could remain open.

Two weeks into lockdown, and the anti-gambling rhetoric already begins

Children gambling advertising ASA betting
New research linking a high-frequency of betting ad exposure to a young online audience has sidetracked fear-mongers temporarily away from Coronavirus..

NAO White Paper: So what happens now?

NAO Report Gambling Commission
Coinslot spoke to its colleagues across the media channels to reflect on some of their take-aways from the Audit Office’s evaluation of the Gambling Commission and what it means for the impending reconstruction of the UK’s gambling legislation...

Betting’s trade chiefs outline aspirations for changes to the UK’s legislatory structure

Brigid Simmonds aspirations changes UK’s legislatory structure
The new chief of the UK’s gambling industry Brigid Simmonds was joined by consolidated betting business heads at Parliament recently, arguing the industry’s..

“Another really extraordinary year” – Interel reviews 2019 and beyond

Interel Katherine Morgan BACTA AGM
As 2020 approached, bringing the promise of further political and regulatory upheaval, Interel deputy managing partner Katherine Morgan hailed just how..

Ireland’s Dáil bows to pressure on bingo prizes

Legislation Bingo Prize Dail Irish law Gaming and lotteries bill
Irish lawmakers have ceded to the concerns of bingo operators when it comes to prize payouts - with new legislation no longer meaning smaller prizes.

Maximum stakes and prizes slashed in Ireland’s new Irish gambling bill

Irish gaming legislation
Another development in the bewildering world of Irish gaming legislation has had some media outlets reporting that the latest proposals for fit-for-purpose gaming machine legislation in the Irish Republic

Ireland rife with opportunity as regulatory countdown begins

Flag John Purcell Irish regulation
Following March’s Irish Gaming Show, the country’s government has confirmed a regulator will be in place within the next 18 months. John Purcell explains..

Pub owners urged to embrace vaping

Pub owners, vaping, ecigarettes, uk, legislation
With the practice of vaping continuing to grow as smoker numbers decline, embracing the practice in British pubs and entertainment centres could increase footfall. Following the advice from Public Health England that no health risks have been identified through passive vaping, a report from the Morning Advertiser stated that allowing the activity could boost revenue. “Vaping can definitely reverse the smoking...

Bolton hikes up cost of gambling licence

Bolton, gambling licence, licensing, legislation
Bolton’s local licensing committee voted nearly unanimously in favour of a fee increase - fresh on the back of an underage gambling crackdown in pubs. A review of gambling policy in Bolton has seen the price of a gambling licence hiked up to the statutory maximum. 12 out of 13 councillors voted in favour of the dramatic rise in licensure cost...

Britain’s B2 ban: The impact of heightened regulations

Dan-Waugh, b2 ban
With Britain’s B2 ban now formally enacted into law, Regulus Partner’s Dan Waugh explains that the first practical signs of impact are starting to be felt. So far, he says, these signs have been seen in machine contracts, rental pleas, horseracing funding and M&A - but what else will change come April 2019? The most heavily analysed (and/or guessed at)...

Archer takes aim at former party for not stealing Labour proposals

Jeffrey Archer, legislation
Lord Archer has stated that Conservative ministers should “steal” the gambling advertising ban put forward by Labour deputy leader Tom Watson at the party’s September conference. The former Tory deputy chairman, no stranger to such appropriation himself having served half of his four year sentence for perjury in 2001, made the argument in a column published in the Radio Times. “A...

Commission sets out new complaint standards

gambling commission
The Gambling Commission has published new standards, coming into effect from 31 October, which are intended to improve how complaints are handled by alternative dispute resolution (ADR) providers in the gambling industry. The new guidance sets out how consumer com- plaints should be handled, and according to the regulator, make it clear what the Commission’s expectations are regarding; the types of...

FOBT cut won’t count for Northern Ireland

Ireland Fobt
While England and Wales look forward to moving past the FOBT debate, the issue will remain a cause of contention in Northern Ireland, with the country continuing without devolved government as it decides if the controversial terminals are even legal. Northern Ireland’s Department of Communities has said the country cannot consider following England and Wales’ lead on last week’s cut...

Ban introduced on third-party betting in non-UK EuroMillions

Almira Mohamed, director at Lotto Social, explains why she believes new legislation against EuroMillions betting is a step forward by the government. The new legislation proposed in March 2017 set out to prohibit people from betting on non-UK EuroMillions lotteries. This law came under the Gambling Act of 2005 which altered the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1963, stating that...

Data experts call for clarity on GDPR and AML

GBG data experts GDPR AML Peter Murray
A leading industry data expert has called for clarity from gambling regulators on balancing GDPR and AML   With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to impact upon the industry in May 2018, a leading identity data intelligence expert is warning of the regulatory conflict that may arise, and the unintended consequence that may hinder the industry’s attempts to...

Pub body calls for rise in Cat C stakes and prize

BBPA Responds to Latest Government Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has responded to the Government’s consultation on gaming machines and social responsibility proposals, and has called on the Government to ensure that Category C amusement machines (also known as fruit machines) in pubs remain attractive to customers, so that they...

888 decision heightens interest in WrB symposium

Last week's announcement that 888 had been fined a record £7.8m for technical shortcomings which served to undermine its self exclusion processes, has given added importance and interest to the forthcoming WrB Responsible Gambling Innovation C-Level symposium organised by Clarion Gaming (September 12, OXO2, London). The fine followed a 13 month long investigation by the UK Gambling Commission which found...

Ireland’s raised age limit a “piecemeal effort” at gambling reform

Coinslot - Ireland age limit gambling reform
The beginning of long-awaited gambling reform in Ireland has finally come to fruition, however the Irish Amusements Trade Association believe “this piecemeal effort” does nothing to bring the country’s legislation to where it should be.   The minimum age limit for all forms of gambling in the Republic of Ireland is to be set at 18 years old under new legislation...

Gambling Commission unveils enforcement strategy

Coinslot - Gambling Commission fine harrison
The Gambling Commission has unveiled a new enforcement strategy to tackle operators perceived to be in breach of regulations, following on from a consultation on the issue.   Under the new policy, operators found to be non-compliant over issues are to be faced with higher penalties and a greater chance to be put up for licence review. Key points in the new...

Court overturns council decision to refuse new Derry AGC

Coinslot - Court Derry AGC
Following a permit refusal from the council for its new AGC site, operator Oasis Retail Services has successfully appealed the decision in court.   Derry court has granted permission for a new AGC to open in the city centre after a judge quashed the council’s decision to refuse the permit. The decision was made at a hearing of the Court of Appeal...

Right to Reply: bacta’s John White on Government review

Coinslot - John White right to reply bacta review industry
In a response to last week’s article from Malcom George, bacta’s John White responds with reference to the Government’s impending review.   The entire industry is awaiting with great interest the outcome of the Government’s review into gaming machine stakes and prizes. Rightly, much of the focus has been on B2 machines, which have become increasingly controversial as their imprint on the...

Peer calls for local communities to have more say in the fate of pubs

Pub conversions have been called into question by Lord Marlesford who wants more input from local residents with regards to their fate.   Lord Marlesford, conservative peer, former county councillor and chairman of Marlesford Parish council, has called for changes over pub conversions. Lord Marlesford said: “There are two reasons why pubs close. The main one is that there is not the...