Thursday, October 29, 2020

Tag: legal

Ipswich punter takes the piss, literally

Palace-Amusements-Ipswich, legal
An Ipswich man has been fined and ordered to pay for cleaning a fruit machine which he drunkenly used as a urinal. The early hours of October 12 saw Robert Comerford stumble into Palace Amusements on Upper Brook Street and unload a skinful onto one of the games machines. When challenged by staff who demanded he cease the liquid desecration, Comerford...

Call for inflatables ban comes in PMQs

Houses of Parliament
A call to temporarily baninflatableswas heard in Prime Minister’s Questions last week. Meanwhile, fairground operators are working to educate and reassure customers that their bouncy castles are safe. Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged to bring in a temporary ban on the operation of inflatable attractions following two high profile deaths. During last week’s PM’s Questions, Conservative MP Robert Haflon...