Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Merkur UK drive industry standards with publication of first Sustainability Report

Merkur UK Sustainability Report
Merkur UK’s Sustainability Report, published this week, has detailed the work that the brand is undertaking in the communities that it serves and demonstrates how successful commercial organisations can also be good corporate citizens.

MERKUR mark a year of positivity as 360 Social Responsibility Program celebrates its first birthday

Sascha Blodau Merkur UK 360 Social responsibility Program first birthday
In October 2020 MERKUR UK General Manager, Sascha Blodau, used the pages of Coinslot to announce the launch of the company’s 360 Program and with it a pledge to take a proactive stance in setting new Social Responsibility standards in the domestic low stake high street gambling entertainment sector.

Lee Willows: ‘ESG Gaming will continue my journey of learning’

Lee Willows ESG Gaming
Lee Willows’ decision to step down as CEO of YGAM, the charity that he founded, took some of the gambling industry by surprise. In his first interview since stepping back he reflects on the journey he ended with YGAM and the one he is now embarking with ESG Gaming.

Gauselmann UK’s 360 Advisory Board meets for the first time

Gauselmann UK 360 advisory programme logo
The make-up of Gauselmann UK’s 360 Advisory Board provides clear confirmation that the safer gambling message is being taken extremely seriously by the company.

Industry stakeholders applaud Cat D minimum playing age initiative

Category D age restrictions
Following a decision by Bacta members to introduce new age restrictions on Category D cash fruit machines, industry figures from gambling concern groups and the government have recognised the sector's commitment to social responsibility

Inspirational Lived Experience leaders joining forces

YGAM Betknowmore Lee Willows Frankie Graham
Lee Willows and Frankie Graham are former gambling addicts who at their lowest, both battled with suicidal thoughts. They have since dramatically transformed their lives and now lead the two hugely respected charities - YGAM and Betknowmore

Lee Willows: What makes you tick?

ee Willows What makes me Tick
Lee Willows, explains his background, his motivations, fears, aspirations and how he’s coping with the current lockdown

The power of engagement

Mike Wojcik YGAM
YGAM’s ‘can do’ approach to educating young people coupled with a desire to engage with the industry is making a huge difference, according to Chair..

YGAM aim to build on the foundations provided by landmark 2018

YGAM charity lee willows
YGAM, the charity which works to inform, educate and safeguard young people against problematic gambling and social gaming, has set out a series of ambitious KPI targets for 2019/20.