Friday, May 20, 2022

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Review: Top table

Spray Lakes Consultancy industry though leaders Ian Chuter Andrew Tottenham Nick Harding Jonathan Garnett specialists
Coinslot picks the brains of a group of industry luminaries and thought-leaders getting their response to a range of pressing and topical issues including how the Government’s response to Covid impacted different sectors of the industry, whether the Gambling Commission is fit for purpose, the thinking behind affordability checks and why the industry appears to be so bereft of political allies.

Is it time to separate the Gambling Commission into land-based and online regulatory bodies?

Gambling Commission HQ time to separate
Confidence in the regulatory focus at the Gambling Commission is diminishing amongst the land-based sector as amusements operators find themselves weighed down by online-crafted enquiries. Some are now questioning whether the regulator should be split into two: one for land-based operations, the other for online.

Quentin Stott: Land based machine income must not be left to wither on the vine

Quentin Stott, Reflex Gaming GamePro slingshot Harris Hagan
As the country’s leading independent manufacturer, Reflex Gaming, continues its development ahead of EAG. The company’s founder, Quentin Stott, discusses the importance of product, the potential player protection capabilities surrounding contactless and amusements’ position on the ‘kaleidoscope’ of gaming... How do you evaluate the key challenges facing the bricks and mortar sector of the industry in 2019? Quentin Stott: I think...