Friday, May 20, 2022

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Kwikpay unveils Contactless Cardreader as cashless trend continues

Kwikpay Contactless Cardreader
When it comes to the rise of cashless, the amusements industry is still hamstrung by prohibitive legislation. With several suppliers vying to provide a solution, Coinslot spoke to Neeraj Bhatia, founder and CEO of Kwikpay, about what sets the Contactless Cardreader aside from the crowd.   Coinslot: What product was Kwikpay showcasing at ACOS this year? Neeraj Bhatia: This year at...

Southsea arcade goes cashless with Kwikpay

Kwikpay Cashless
Harry Levy Amusements has introduced an app-based cashless payment and customer interaction system into its Southsea Pier arcade from Kwikpay. Southsea is the first Harry Levy location to go cashless, with other arcades across the UK to follow. Kwikpay allows customers to make digital payments for rides and amusement machines using stored cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. In...