Monday, September 28, 2020

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World of Rides launches new ‘Parent and Child’ Funshine Buggy

Funshine Buggy World of Rides
For ‘family fun on land or ice’, World of Rides are making sure their latest launch is equipped for all UK climate conditions. Its Funshine Buggy comes equipped with new technology and a versatility tailor-made for Covid-conscious operations

Paolo Sidoli to industry: Look at the bright side

Paolo Sidoli
Perennial optimist Paolo Sidoli of SB Machines claims that a likely boom in domestic tourism can only help to reverse the amusement trade’s flagging fortunes.

“It’s all about the quality” for SB Machines at EAG

SB Machines Carousel Paolo Sidoli
As quality in design and manufacture continues to prove the key factor for kiddie ride success, SB Machines is to return to EAG with a selection of some of its most appealing..

World of Rides to mark 50th with new product launch

world of rides train
World of Rides will be celebrating its 50th with the launch of it new Baby Ladybird Train at the Farm and Holiday Parks Exhibition, 6-7 November. As part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations, World of Rides will launch its new Baby Ladybird Train at the Farm and Holiday Parks Exhibition on stand FR910 at the NEC on 6-7 November. All of...

JNC unveils prototype range for ACOS customer feedback

JNC Sales Team ACOS 2019
ACOS 2019 saw JNC unveil several brand new amusement machines for the UK market, all tested through the distributor’s own sites and workshop - a process..

SB bringing its best to ACOS

SB Machines Unicorn Carousel Kangaroo lifting carousel
SB Machines is already preparing its portfolio of products for 2020, a selection of which will be on display at ACOS. Italresina's Kangaroo Carousel and..

JNC invites operators to annual Open Warehouse Clearance Sale

JNC Sales Warehouse Clearance
JNC Sales will be opening its doors for the company’s annual Open Warehouse Clearance Sale from 8-12 July, with prices of new and used machines being..

Keeping up with the youth of today

David Robinson General Manager World of Rides
The consumer is always on the lookout for new and exciting products, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the kiddie ride market,comments David

Bacta: Safety First

Safety Childrens Ride ADIPS
When it comes to children, there’s no higher priority than safety. Coinslot talks to Bacta about the measures that make the UK’s kiddie ride sector the..

JNC: Kiddie rides to down the very last detail

Sam Coleman Sales Executive JNC Sales Kiddie Rides
They say the devil is in the detail, but for JNC sales executive Sam Coleman this is where a good kiddie ride can become a great one - especially after it’s gone through the company’s rigorous testing process.   When JNC scours the market for the best kiddie rides, it’s looking for those extra details that make all the difference to...

World of Rides: The joy of rides

World of Rides, Rocket
With sales of rides during the first quarter of 2019 impacted by confusion concerning Brexit, and the uncertain weather, World of Rides has since made up..

Buoyant, robust, innovative

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Kiddie Rides
Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, comments on the innovation present through all aspects of the kiddie ride market and how a healthy spirit is..

UDC celebrate 35 years in business at jam-packed Open Day

UDC Mark Horwood Park Avenue Open Day
Speaking to Coinslot, managing director Mark Horwood described how valuable Park Avenue Open Day remains for both operators and manufacturers alike.

SB Machines: Child’s Play!

Paolo-Sidoli, SB-Machines
As one year draws to a close, Coinslot caught up with Paolo Sidoli of SB Machines, to get his take on what lies in store for 2019. So, what are your objectives for 2019? Our aim is to launch certainly four and possibly five new rides for 2019, some of which we presented to the industry at ACOS in October. All...

Off road adventures

Outlander, World of Rides
World of Rides has launched its brand new range of side-by-side seating parent and child battery operated off road Outlander Big Cars for this summer season, allowing operators the ability to provide a safe, colourful, fully interactive and very profitable new jungle, jurassic or woodland style of attraction for their venues, either indoors or outdoors. The large twin seat off...

David Robinson: Unstoppable innovation driving seaside success

David Robinson World of Rides
World of Rides has been on the forefront of kiddie ride innovation for close to half a century, Coinslot asked David Robinson about how the company has been a proven winner for coastal operators in the past and how the genre remains just as important going forward. Coinslot: What role do coastal operations play in your business model? David Robinson: “Seaside...

UDC key to the full Park Avenue experience

UDC Park Open Day
The United Distributing Company will be opening the doors of UDC House on 6 June to welcome the coin-op amusement industry along for the day with the entire team on hand, including company founders, father and son Derek and Mark Horwood. Park Avenue is a special event and UDC managing director Mark Horwood thinks its success is simple. “We keep...

Grand Pier adds second kiddie rides attraction

Kiddie Rides
After the success of its first coin-operated kiddie ride attraction, the Grand Pier has added an all-new one for the new season. Weston-super-Mare’s Grand Pier has boosted its amusement offering further for 2018 with the introduction of a new coin-operated kiddie ride attraction. Disco Bikes was opened on the ground floor of the pier’s pavilion one week prior to Easter, with...

Kiddie rides key to continued success

kiddie rides
With great experience both on the manufacturing and operational sides of the Irish leisure market, Shane Murphy, managing director of Tobyco comments on the importance of kiddie rides in the wider gaming landscape. Kiddie rides have been a stalwart of FECs throughout the British isles for decades and their appeal seems to show little signs of slowing. With the new...

Meeting the kiddie market’s demand: Coinslot talks with David Robinson of World of Rides

David Robinson World of Rides
Coinslot spoke to David Robinson from World Of Rides about the rapid pace at which the kiddie market is changing and how the company is keeping on the forefront of this. Coinslot: How do you analyse the market at present? David Robinson: “The kiddie ride market is performing very well at the moment, and adults continue giving all their hard-earned money...

Northern Leisure production manager discusses kiddie ride market

Gareth Jones Northern Leisure
Changing customer demographics and mercurial market conditions have all had their impact on the kiddie ride market, but diligent work throughout the supply chain is helping allay issues, comments Gareth Jones, production manager at Northern Leisure. Speaking on general market performances Gareth Jones, production manager at Northern Leisure, takes a reasonably cautious line. His opening salvo was certainly a warning...

Advancing the kiddie ride cash box with SB Machines

Coinslot - SB Machines Paolo Sidoli
SB Machines have earned their reputation as pioneers of the kiddie ride genre. Quarter of a century on, this status remains as high as ever with the company finding great success in Double Pony, the most simple yet enduringly popular product on the circuit.   SB Machines of Porthcawl, South Wales, can currently be considered as one of the premier suppliers...

Providing variety and quality at the forefront of Burnham Pier

Coinslot - kiddie rides burnham pier
With a motorbike, a helicopter, a fire truck and a 4-seater spaceship, Burnham Pier proudly displays its variety of kiddie rides at the forefront of its arcade offering, much to visitor’s delight.   Perched stoutly over the Bristol Channel, the pier in Burnham-on-sea resides in Somerset’s family-orientated seaside resort, away from the 18-30 year old scene in Weston - making it...

Jolly Roger’s Dave Watson explores strength in simplicity

Coinslot - Kiddie Ride Jolly roger dave watson
International business manager at Jolly Roger, Dave Watson, believes there can be strength in simplicity with kiddie rides, and that a focus on what has made them popular in the past can drive performance going forward.   The UK kiddie ride market has shown stability in conditions as turbulent as those faced by the units themselves on piers the country over....

Coleman discusses bright future for evolving market sector

Coinslot - Kiddie Rides JNC Sales Sam Coleman
Having built on historically solid performances with technological innovations and licence acquisitions, the kiddie ride market is not one to be underestimated for profitability, comments Sam Coleman, sales executive at JNC Sales.   Kiddie rides are a classic feature of arcades all the way to shopping centres, and this proliferation of placement is for good reason. Vibrancy, accessibility, and familiarity all...

Innovation in classic kiddie ride concepts

Coinslot - Kiddie Rides World of Rides
David Robinson, general manager, World of Rides, believes that through continual development, kiddie rides have managed to buck trends, and remain a prominent part of the amusement industry.   Why have kiddie rides stayed so enduringly popular? “Static kiddie rides will always be popular with children, as they always want to ride in moving vehicles, without having to pedal or push, and...

Kiddie Rides: Reinvention of a classic market

Coinslot SB Machines Paolo Sidoli kiddie rides
Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, weighs in on the enduring popularity of kiddie rides, and how a concentration on technological advancements continues to make them a must-have.   Kiddie rides have been an everpresent of the British leisure industry for generations, offering steady cashbox returns and continual customer engagement. However, in recent times a focus on branding, technological advancements, and...

SB Machines: Raising the game in kiddie rides

Coinslot SB Machines Paolo Sidoli kiddie rides
SB Machine’s owner Paolo Sidoli discusses the buoyant state of the kiddie ride market, and how his company is raising the standard with high quality designs and the latest technologies.   What is the state of the kiddie ride market? We’ve noticed in recent years that there has been increased interest in kiddie rides from operators. However, what has happened over many...

World of Rides continue helping families play together

Coinslot World of Rides boat family
The all new range of budget priced Super Hero, Future Bike and Baby Bumper boat battery rides from World of Rides are all set to encourage playtime for parents and children. World of Rides believes that children aged three to twelve continue to remain the biggest single influence in choosing a family day-out leisure destination, and battery rides remain the...

SB Machines: Made in Italy, for good reason

Coinslot SB Machines Firetruck
Paolo Sidoli, owner of SB Machines and veteran of the coin-operated ride business, talks up Made in Italy, and welcomes in prospects for another strong year. From Ferrari to Fiat, the Italians have a proud tradition of excellence in manufacturing. For Paolo Sidoli, owner of SB Machines, a dedicated supplier of Italian-only kiddies rides, coin-op is no exception. Poised on a...