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“The lack of support from the government for the supply chain … has been disappointing”

Justin Burke Sega Amusements International
Justin Burke of SEGA Amusements International is in positive mood, the industry, he says, ‘could come through this stronger’ if all stakeholders work..

Justin Burke: Evolution thanks to innovation is the key to Sega’s success

Sega Amusements International Justin Burke
Coinslot talks to Justin Burke, General Manager of Sales at Sega Amusements International, about 60 years of pioneering from the global gaming giants.

Hoop It Up scoring big earnings

Sega Hoop it Up
Hoop It Up was an instant hit at the EAG the show in January. The small footprint meant a lot of operators were able to see this game fit easily in their location

Sega’s Shoot It Win It hitting the mark

Sega Shoot it win it
Since its release, Sega’s Shoot It Win It has become a major success with operators due to its classic gameplay, which brings the fun of carnival shooting to arcades

Interactive, social, timeless

Lester Tavasso Sega Amusements
The ability to offer players an interactive, social experience has been a key facet of redemption’s growth to date, and will remain so argues Sega..

SEGA NBA games a slam dunk for operators

The ICE range of licensed NBA basketball redemption units, available through SEGA Amusements, have become the clear choice for operators since release. With so many basketball choices on the market, it’s hard for operators to decide the right game for their location. Masters of innovation, ICE (Innovative Concepts of Entertainment) makes this decision simple, by offering three unique size games...

Seaside seeing a resurgence of video

Sega UK Justin Burke Resurgence video
Away from the prevailing discussions of redemption, video gaming units have been enjoying a resurgence of their own amongst Britain’s coastal operators argues Justin Burke, general manager of sales at Sega UK

Lasting appeal proving positive for refurbished Sega machines

Coupling a name synonymous with quality, and game content that has stood the test of time, refurbished machines from Sega offer operators a financially-sound option for fitting out any arcade, or leisure premises, according to general manager, Justin Burke. There are a few names that appear more prominently in an arcade environment than that of Sega, something that owes in...

EAG 2017 report: Sega – A race to the top

Coinslot Sega Justin Burke Daytona
While redemption remained a very strong component of Sega’s offering at EAG this year, it was clear that this was one of the businesses leading the charge on the revival of video. The big headlines before the show were Daytona and Sega’s Justin Burke revealed that the Japanese veterans have not tinkered with a winning formula.   "Daytona’s part of our DNA,...

Sega prepares an epic line-up for London

Popular video game development company, Sega, has another strong line-up of games in store for the upcoming year. One stand-out for this year’s EAG will be the 8-player Daytona Championship USA. With a strong line-up of tried and tested games Sega will show thirteen new games, as well as nine established hit games. The company will have products in every major...

Sega gets ready to exhibit an epic line up of games at EAG

Coinslot, Sega, eag, Justin burke, Daytona
With a new stand a number of new games already making the news, SEGA is confidently predicting a bumper year at EAG 2017.   With a strong line-up of tried and tested games the company will show thirteen new games, as well as nine established hit titles. Sega will have products in every major FEC product category. Sega’s Justin Burke said: “For EAG 2017 we have...