Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Juniper Research – VR technology could be a booming coin-op sector by 2021

Coinslot Virtual Reality Juniper Research
A new report from Juniper Research suggests that Virtual Reality technology could be a booming sector in the coin-op industry before 2021. Specialists in digital and gaming markets analysis, Juniper’s whitepaper covers all aspects of the global gaming market. Its central perspective on Virtual Reality is that the cost of products will come down considerably over the next five years...

Total iGaming spend could reach $1trn by 2021, say analysts

Coinslot Juniper iGaming
Juniper Research, specialists in data forecasting for mobile and digital markets, projects mobile and online gaming wagers to almost double in five years.   Analysts at Juniper Research have caused a stir among industry execs this month with the publication of an extensive white paper mapping the growth of online gaming over the next half decade. While the direction of travel is unlikely to...