Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Looks do matter for TouchTunes

Angelina jukebox Soundnet TouchTunes
TouchTunes has hailed the “head-turning” appearance of the Angelina as the key behind its success, as the firm celebrates three years of the jukebox making waves in the UK market.

Cashless moves into jukebox sector: GPT signs integration agreement with NSM Music

Cashless jukebox GPT signs integration agreement with NSM Music
Jukebox manufacturer NSM Music has signed an integration partnership with Game Payment Technology, hailing the GPT app as “the perfect tool to keep customers selecting their favourite music.”

TouchTunes: Are we getting better at sharing?

Soundnet TouchTunes Angelina Jukebox
With a growing number of operators signing up to TouchTunes’ 18 percent revenue sharing option, Toby Hoyte of Soundnet TouchTunes believes the payment model has truly proven its worth over the last two years.

Soundnet/Touchtunes agrees ACOS order for 100 jukeboxes

Touchtunes Soundnet Angelina jukebox orders acos
The Angelina jukebox continued to make a mark for Soundnet/Touchtunes at ACOS this year, with an order for 100 of the high-spec models signed during the two-day event.

NSM Music demonstrates new jukebox apps for both operator and customer to ACOS crowd

NSM Music ACOS Co-Pilot app
While NSM’s Curve and Infinity jukeboxes artfully represented the manufacturer’s physical presence at this week’s ACOS, it was its two apps - Co-Pilot for operators and NSM Music for their customers - that sales manager Alex Kirby was keen to highlight to an intrigued ACOS crowd.

Sound Leisure unveils new SL33 20 Play vinyl dome top

Sound Leisure Jukebox
Sound Leisure has unveiled the latest addition to its extensive Jukebox range, the SL33 20 Play vinyl dome top, which was attracting buyers even before its release at the UK Audio Show last week.

Soundnet: ‘Deals to suit everyone’

Soundnet Sound Leisure Angelina Jukebox
Soundnet/TouchTunes are marking the industry’s return to live events with an array of special offers for jukebox operators. And, making the trip to London all the more worthwhile will be the debut of the V5 jukebox kit, designed to bring a turbocharge to older Sound Leisure jukes. Toby Hoyte explains all.

V5: Another tool in the operator’s box

Richard Roberts Independent Leisure V5 jukebox conversion kit Soundnet Sound Leisure
Soundnet and Sound Leisure can teach its old jukeboxes to do new tricks, with Richard Roberts from Independent Leisure in Norfolk using the V5 jukebox conversion kit to upgrade his equipment, and in turn provide a “significant uplift in cashbox”.

Music to our ears: NSM launches all-new mobile app for jukeboxes

NSM Music App
Designed to get more users, more engagement, and even more jukebox revenue, the NSM Music app has been launched by the jukebox manufacturer to replace its My Jukebox app.

Freedom day delay: Ian Eason / Louise Austin / Leigh Smith / Toby Hoyte

Freedom Day delay Ian Eason Louise Austin Leigh Smith Toby Hoyte
Ian Eason: “Another kick in the balls for the supply chain”

Orders fly in for busy Sound Leisure

Sound Leisure busy
Sound Leisure has had “another crazy week at the factory” according to the jukebox manufacturer’s social media.

New Music Users’ Group established

New Music Users Group David Gershlick
For the best part of 18 months, Covid has been playing the chords of pain for the music sector.

Sound Leisure launches Marshall LP jukebox

Sound Leisure Marshall LP Jukebox
Sound Leisure has unveiled the latest addition in its collaboration with heritage amplifier manufacturer Marshall, a new Long Player 33rpm vinyl playing cabinet featuring iconic design elements associated with the brand.

NSM Music: How connectivity has changed the jukebox forever

Alex Kirby NSM Music Jukebox
The UK’s increasingly broad internet coverage has enabled jukebox manufacturer NSM to change the way operators, venue managers, and customers interact with its products, with its newest model the Curve featuring contactless payments, a management app, and an app for picking your favourite tunes. Alex Kirby explains all.

Tuning in: Sound Leisure featured on Made In Britain

Sound Leisure Jukebox ITV documentary Made in Britain
ITV4 took viewers on a special visit to Leeds earlier this month, featuring the precision manufacturing processes of Sound Leisure as part of documentary series Made in Britain.

Toby Hoyte: Easter 2021 is going to be the new Christmas

Toby Hoyte jukebox Soundnet Touchtunes 2020 Review
Overall and in many different ways it has been a disastrous year. To an extent Covid has poured fuel on a fire that was already burning. It has made a lot of people question what they do and prompted them to look hard at their jukebox operation and explore the opportunities that exist in greater detail.

UK’s night-time sector faces “tidal wave of redundancies” as music becomes latest Covid casualty

Night time hospitality pub music
No drinking, no talking, and now no music. The government has turned pub music down to 85db in England, whilst Scotland has banned it completely in pubs. The latest measures to counter Covid have met with scathing criticism, with the music sector the next in line for crisis talks.

AMS receives praise for jukebox donation

AMS Automatic Machine Services charity donation
Staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich have thanked Automatic Machine Services Ltd for donating a jukebox to the hospital’s Oncology Unit, stating it will have “a huge impact.”

“I’m a survivor” – Chris Black returns to Sound Leisure

Chris Black Sound Leisure
Chris Black has confirmed he is back at the helm of Sound Leisure, after a five week period of illness caused by contracting Coronavirus in early April

NSM Curve jukebox becomes record breaker

NSM Curve jukebox
NSM’s Curve is rewriting the record books after enjoying the most successful introduction of any NSM jukebox in the digital era.

Gary Whitty: My TouchTunes

Gary Whitty My Touchtunes
Folllowing Robert Gibb’s jaunt into pop history, this week sees Armitage Leisure’s Gary Whitty journey from New Zealand to the North of England for a tuneful trek through the years and across the globe

Sound Leisure awarded Manufacturing Guild Mark

Sound Leisure Manufacturing Guild Mark
Sound Leisure has been awarded the UK Manufacturing Guild Mark demonstrating excellence in furnishing manufacturing, after a full audit of the company’s manufacture and business practices.

The industry “needs to take control” argues NSM’s Kirby

NSM Alex Kirby Jukebox
After a 2019 packed full of success, it would be understandable for NSM Music to rest on their laurels at EAG 2020. with ‘Curve’, a new product that looks set to..

Milestones In Music and the Angelina to take centre stage at EAG

Angelina Music EAG Toby Hoyte
Toby Hoyte, of Soundnet TouchTunes, explains how Soundnet and Sound Leisure are helping operators to make the most from their music offering

Music makes the world buy rounds

TouchTunes Music Sound Leisure
The UK’s most popular jukebox songs and artists show why customer spend and dwell time are in perfect harmony. Sound Leisure and TouchTunes explain why.

NSM Music and Ivor Thomas Amusements get ahead The Curve

NSM Music Ivor Thomas Amusements The Curve
Pioneering jukebox manufacturer NSM Music and leading independent operator Ivor Thomas Amusements are celebrating Christmas early. The two have signed a 100-strong jukebox deal.

Hazel Evans’ My TouchTunes

Hazel Evans My TouchTunes
This week Hazel Evans, Account Administrator at Tamar Gaming, shares how her love of music began with a parental journey into pop filled with synths, splits and spandex!

Alex Kirby: “..we believe it’s the best way to help operators realise success”

Alex Kirby NSM Music Jukebox
Thunder and Lighting jukeboxes from Leeds-based manufacturer NSM Music have gone down a storm in 2019. But, with innovative new software both front and back end..

Angelina: More music, more entertainment, more fun and more cash box!

Toby Hoyte Angelina Jukebox
Toby Hoyte, Marketing Director at Soundnet/TouchTunes, explains why all sections of the market are just loving the Angelina

M&B Free-Play jukebox trial heralded ‘real success’

NSM Thunder Jukebox trial Lambwath
The ‘Free-Play’ trial of an NSM Thunder Jukebox at Mitchells & Butlers’ Hull-based pub, The Lambwath has been described as ‘a real success’ by the leading..