Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Toby Hoyte: Easter 2021 is going to be the new Christmas

Toby Hoyte jukebox Soundnet Touchtunes 2020 Review
Overall and in many different ways it has been a disastrous year. To an extent Covid has poured fuel on a fire that was already burning. It has made a lot of people question what they do and prompted them to look hard at their jukebox operation and explore the opportunities that exist in greater detail.

UK’s night-time sector faces “tidal wave of redundancies” as music becomes latest Covid casualty

Night time hospitality pub music
No drinking, no talking, and now no music. The government has turned pub music down to 85db in England, whilst Scotland has banned it completely in pubs. The latest measures to counter Covid have met with scathing criticism, with the music sector the next in line for crisis talks.

AMS receives praise for jukebox donation

AMS Automatic Machine Services charity donation
Staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich have thanked Automatic Machine Services Ltd for donating a jukebox to the hospital’s Oncology Unit, stating it will have “a huge impact.”

“I’m a survivor” – Chris Black returns to Sound Leisure

Chris Black Sound Leisure
Chris Black has confirmed he is back at the helm of Sound Leisure, after a five week period of illness caused by contracting Coronavirus in early April

NSM Curve jukebox becomes record breaker

NSM Curve jukebox
NSM’s Curve is rewriting the record books after enjoying the most successful introduction of any NSM jukebox in the digital era.

Gary Whitty: My TouchTunes

Gary Whitty My Touchtunes
Folllowing Robert Gibb’s jaunt into pop history, this week sees Armitage Leisure’s Gary Whitty journey from New Zealand to the North of England for a tuneful trek through the years and across the globe

Sound Leisure awarded Manufacturing Guild Mark

Sound Leisure Manufacturing Guild Mark
Sound Leisure has been awarded the UK Manufacturing Guild Mark demonstrating excellence in furnishing manufacturing, after a full audit of the company’s manufacture and business practices.

The industry “needs to take control” argues NSM’s Kirby

NSM Alex Kirby Jukebox
After a 2019 packed full of success, it would be understandable for NSM Music to rest on their laurels at EAG 2020. with ‘Curve’, a new product that looks set to..

Milestones In Music and the Angelina to take centre stage at EAG

Angelina Music EAG Toby Hoyte
Toby Hoyte, of Soundnet TouchTunes, explains how Soundnet and Sound Leisure are helping operators to make the most from their music offering

Music makes the world buy rounds

TouchTunes Music Sound Leisure
The UK’s most popular jukebox songs and artists show why customer spend and dwell time are in perfect harmony. Sound Leisure and TouchTunes explain why.

NSM Music and Ivor Thomas Amusements get ahead The Curve

NSM Music Ivor Thomas Amusements The Curve
Pioneering jukebox manufacturer NSM Music and leading independent operator Ivor Thomas Amusements are celebrating Christmas early. The two have signed a 100-strong jukebox deal.

Hazel Evans’ My TouchTunes

Hazel Evans My TouchTunes
This week Hazel Evans, Account Administrator at Tamar Gaming, shares how her love of music began with a parental journey into pop filled with synths, splits and spandex!

Alex Kirby: “..we believe it’s the best way to help operators realise success”

Alex Kirby NSM Music Jukebox
Thunder and Lighting jukeboxes from Leeds-based manufacturer NSM Music have gone down a storm in 2019. But, with innovative new software both front and back end..

Angelina: More music, more entertainment, more fun and more cash box!

Toby Hoyte Angelina Jukebox
Toby Hoyte, Marketing Director at Soundnet/TouchTunes, explains why all sections of the market are just loving the Angelina

M&B Free-Play jukebox trial heralded ‘real success’

NSM Thunder Jukebox trial Lambwath
The ‘Free-Play’ trial of an NSM Thunder Jukebox at Mitchells & Butlers’ Hull-based pub, The Lambwath has been described as ‘a real success’ by the leading..

NSM test User Interface under influence!

NSM User Interface
Leading jukebox manufacture, NSM Music, have put their new User Interface to the sternest possible test, by ensuring end users can navigate their software..

Angelina still hogs the digital jukebox limelight one year on

Angelina jukebox limelight
With an unrivalled aesthetic and an income 36 percent above the national jukebox average, TouchTunes’ Angelina needn’t toot it’s own horn - especially..

NSM’s tried and tested trio set to boss ACOS

NSM Music Thunder Lightning
The most trusted name in jukeboxes, NSM Music look set to cement their reputation for style and performance at Olympia.

NSM/MAB set for ‘Free Music’ trial

NSM MAB free music trial
NSM are taking a pioneering step with a free-to-play trial in partnership with pub big-boys Mitchells & Butler. A radical departure from the standard..

UK staycation prompts NSM summer sales to soar

Alex Kirby NSM Music
According to NSM Music's Alex Kirby, stay-at-home holidaymakers, an unseasonably hot summer and the declining power of the pound against the euro/dollar..

Duncan Campbell My TouchTunes

Duncan Campbell Arrow Leisure My TouchTunes
My TouchTunes: Duncan Campbell, Director at Arrow Leisure, takes us back to the time of crackling vinyl and dulcet bagpipes

Knockout returns for NSM jukebox

NSM Thunder Jukebox
A Punch Taverns’ music trial has laid a 100 percent increase in weekend wet sales firmly at the feet of an NSM Thunder jukebox.

NSM’s ICON taking background music to the fore

Alex Kirby NSM Music ICON background music
Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM Music is reporting a surge in interest in its ICON background music technology – including testing on Brittany Ferries.

NSM’s music offering enjoying hot weather

Beer Garden NSM Music offering
Easter’s warm weather saw Britain’s beer gardens enjoy the sight of Lightning and the sound of Thunder as NSM Music’s leading products saw a new trend..

North, South, M25: NSM continue UK-wide jukebox conversion

NSM Music Jukebox Conversion
NSM are continuing their commitment to speed, service and sustainability by supporting suppliers’ efforts to take Sound Leisure’s models online

NSM reports impressive contactless sales

NSM Music
NSM are driving the cashless concept in music provision at venues across Britain and it’s making its mark. Alex Kirby prepares us for the ultimate question: “Did you really carry bits of metal and paper around with you? Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM Sales has announced Q1 sales figures which underline claims that a cashless Britain is closer than we might...

Nigel French’s My TouchTunes

Leaving the cool 90s cassette collection of Parveen Sharma behind we enter springtime in the UK with the warmer tone of vinyl as Nigel French, Business Development Manager at Sound Leisure, steps up to the plate. Combining classic 45s from the 60s with era-defining LPs from the decades following, this selection of melodious memories is also the first in...

Lightning strikes at Sims’ 50th

Sims Automatics, NSM Music, Scotland, jukebox, operator, gaming, amusement
Sims Automatics, Scotland’s largest independent operator of gaming and amusement equipment, and NSM Music, the UK’s leading jukebox manufacturer are uniting in celebration of two impressive milestones. 1969 might have been all about flower power, but it’s Glasgow-based Sims Automatics who have shown real staying power over the last 50 years - and this month installed their 500th NSM Music...

Parveen Sharma’s My TouchTunes

Parveen Sharma My TouchTunes
Following on from Rob Hill’s dictionary of disco, Bacta’s Communications and Events Co-Ordinator, Parveen Sharma, brings some 90s R&B glamour and poptastic playlists to the mix. As a fan of the feature, Parveen stated she felt “honoured” to share her musical journey which continues to this day as she believes love and music are the two things which make...

NSM duo a hit with leading trio

NSM Music
Three of the UK’s leading jukebox suppliers, each NSM customers for over thirty years, have joined forces to applaud the Leeds company’s newest releases - Thunder and Lightning. Bob Rudd’s Helena Rudd, York Coin’s Steve Elliott and TVC Leisure’s Adam Jenkins have united to sing the praises of NSM’s 2019 portfolio of product. As marketing director at one of the UK’s...