Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Knockout returns for NSM jukebox

NSM Thunder Jukebox
A Punch Taverns’ music trial has laid a 100 percent increase in weekend wet sales firmly at the feet of an NSM Thunder jukebox.

Jukebox giant NSM Music growing

coinslot nsm music payment plans
Increased jukebox sales, conversions, upgrades and the introduction of cashless payment is creating another record year for Leeds-based NSM Music. ‘We promised, when we were acquired by music and video entertainment market leader AMI Entertainment Network at the start of the year, that it would pave the way for exciting new products and services for our customers, and that the...

NSM Music offers key upgrade and conversion

Coinslot, NSM, Alex Kirby
NSM Music has announced an enhanced conversion and upgrade for the Sound Leisure MIM and V Hub 32” models.   “Initially we offered a new hard drive and memory upgrade, bringing enormous benefits,” says NSM Music Sales Manager Alex Kirby. “But now we’ve gone a step further, with the option to add a completely new PC.” Alex says that upgrading means users...