Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Clacton’s Jolly Roger needs £4m for revamp

Clacton Jolly Roger revamp
The refurbishment of Clacton Pier’s oldest building won’t come cheap, but pier director Billy Ball insists it will ensure long-term profitability for..

Jolly Roger’s Dave Watson explores strength in simplicity

Coinslot - Kiddie Ride Jolly roger dave watson
International business manager at Jolly Roger, Dave Watson, believes there can be strength in simplicity with kiddie rides, and that a focus on what has made them popular in the past can drive performance going forward.   The UK kiddie ride market has shown stability in conditions as turbulent as those faced by the units themselves on piers the country over....

New entertainment venue continues Clacton Pier’s revival

Coinslot - Clacton pier armed services
The Ball family has made another major investment in Clacton Pier as the project to make it one of Essex’s most popular seaside attractions goes from strength to strength.   Billy and Elliot Ball’s investment in Clacton Pier has continued apace with the reopening of the attraction’s first building as an allnew entertainment venue. The brothers’ Clacton Pier Company has revived the...