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Suzohapp: Sharing the wealth of knowledge

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Maintaining machine uptime - and by extension profitability - is not only a year-round undertaking but one of crucial importance for operators. Suzohapp’s range of after-sales and service solutions draw on years of first class industry experience to offer one of the most comprehensive post-purchases packages available. Crucial to this is an understanding of the wants and needs of operators commented...

Suzohapp: ‘We see ourselves as partners to our customers’

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Having after sales support match that found at the point of purchase is crucial if long term success is to be achieved, comments John Vallis, Suzohapp vice president gaming and amusement EMEA. Coinslot: Inbroad terms how important is your after sales and service offerings both for yourself and for the consumer? John Vallis: We see ourselves as partners to our customers....

A show that ‘fits ideally to the British mentality’

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Ahead of ACOS John Vallis, Suzohapp’s VP gaming and amusements EMEA, casts his eye over the current market climate, the role of the company within it and the hot topics in the cash handling sector. Coinslot: How have you assessed the market so far this year? John Vallis: “It’s been a busy summer season.More people are deciding to spend their holidays...

Facilitating change through exceptional service

Coinslot - Suzohapp Facilitating change through exceptional service
In an ever changing market landscape after-sales service is more important than ever, something John Vallis, Suzohapp UK sales director and VP amusement sales EMEA, knows better than anyone.   What after sales products and/or services are you seeing the most demand for? “We have seen a huge surge in demand for our RM5 Coin Acceptors, Scan Coin Note / Coin counters...

Full market chain support driving progress

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Providing up-to-date cash handling support for the entire market chain is paying dividends according to John Vallis, UK sales director, vice president amusement sales EMEA Suzohapp, and is a testament to the strength of cash in the modern market.   The flow of cash is the lifeblood of any market, and within the amusements sector the correct management of it can...

Staying at the top of the redemption market

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Maintaining top quality standards for decades isn’t easy, but SuzoHapp has made a habit of it and the company’s activity in the redemption sphere is no exception.   SuzoHapp has not become a byword for quality components by accident. Over the organisation’s 60+ year history it has placed great emphasis on ensuring that it sources and manufactures top notch parts, supplies...

Suzohapp showcase vast range of amusement components at IAAPA

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In a busy month for shows across the gaming industry, Suzohapp enjoyed a succesful IAAPA in Orlando, displaying a large array of amusement spares and components. Suzohapp has announced a successful IAAPA after showcasing its cash handling and desktop products between 15-18 November in Orlando, USA. The company said the amount of new solutions to complement Suzohapp’s already extensive product range...

SuzoHapp – Iterating on a 
strong foundation

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With an enviable history in the spares and components marketplace, you might forgive SuzoHapp for resting on its laurels, but as sales director John Vallis explains, the company is doing anything but. There are few company names more closely associated with the spares and components field than SuzoHapp. The Germany-headquartered company has long been renowned for its ability to quickly...

Suzohapp geared up for Autumn Coin-Op Show

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Plenty to see at Suzohapp’s stand at the Autumn Coin-Op Show. The British amusement industry is looking forward to getting together at ACOS that will take place between 12 - 13 October at the Chelsea Football Club in London. This will be a great opportunity for Suzohapp show the industry its large range of components and solutions. The interest continues to...