Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Skill Cut Winner goes to the fair

Skill Cut Winner Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s Skill Cut Winner, which can be found at all major FECs, theme parks, bowling centres and single sites throughout the UK, is now a big winner with travelling fairs.

John Stergides: What makes you tick?

John Stergides What Makes You Tick
John Stergides, co-founder of Electrocoin and one of the best- known figures in the UK industry, reveals how a chance meeting in London diverted him from pursuing a career with the Cypriot Army and why taking calculated risks can sometimes be mistaken for stubbornness

“The Government must act very quickly as we are already seeing companies that have been trading for many years close down”

John Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s John Stergides is in determined mood; all parts of the industry, he argues, have not had the full benefits of support from government and local authorities.

“We will overcome this”: Stergides confident of industry future

John Stergides Electrocoin
With the summer of 2020 potentially set to be wiped from the calendar, Coinslot spoke to Electrocoin MD John Stergides about his strategy for the immediate future, as well as the trials overcome by the industry in the past.

Park Avenue Open Day postponed as Covid-19 takes its toll

Park Avenue open day postponed
Hosted jointly by Electrocoin and the UDC, the industry calendar fixture has been deferred due to concerns over the safety of guests during the Coronavirus crisis.

Electrocoin’s five requests for the new Tory administration

Electrocoin John A Stergides
Responding to the question: “If you were asked for three things the government needs to sort out for you now, what would they be?”, Electrocoin’s John Stergides was not short on answers..

John Stergides’ My TouchTunes

John Stergides MyTouchtunes Electrocoin
Industry veteran John Stergides, Managing Director at ELECTROCOIN, brings a smorgasbord of globe-trotting delights to this week’s MyTouchtunes

Electrocoin to be bigger and better on Olympia’s stage

John Stergides, managing director at Electrocoin, comments on the strength of the industry, the importance of ACOS and what those in attendance of the show can expect from the company. Coinslot: How important will next week be in terms of assessing performances from the summer season? John Stergides:“It is very important as it gives a clearer indication on which products have...

Konami’s new dance revolution making the moves

konami dance
  One of the major talking points on the ACOS show floor last week was what will soon be hitting the arcade "dance floor" in the coming months.   To say that Konami’s DDRA is eagerly awaited would be an understatement, according to industry veteran John Stergides. The Electrocoin founder confirmed: “It has been well over seven years since the last Dance Dance...

All eyes on Electrocoin and UDC’s Park Avenue gathering

Coinslot - Electrocoin UDC Park Avenue
Electrocoin, in collaboration with UDC, will once again hold its Park Avenue display show on June 7 allowing companies to show off their latest products.   Over thirty companies including the likes of Bandai- Namco and Sega will head to London for the day, which will run between 10.00 to 17.00. “Once again we have had a fantastic response from companies wanting...

Stergides keeps focus on redemption market

Coinslot - John Stergides Electrocoin Redemption market UK
Electrocoin’s John Stergides gives his insight into what makes redemption tick, including some choice advice for operators on the best machines and prizes.   What trends have you seen within the redemption sector, in terms of game design and style? Stergides: Redemption games have steadily grown in popularity as manufacturers are now using established licensed brands, films, telephone games like Candy Crush...