Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Park Avenue 2022 Preview attracts visitors “from near and far” and the doors are staying open for an extended period

Park Avenue 2022 Preview
UDC and Electrocoin’s innovative Park Avenue 2022 Preview event welcomed guests from up and down the country to London last week, showcasing a “varied and exciting” selection of new products.

Park Avenue Open Day returns for 2022

Park Avenue Open Day returns in 2022
Electrocoin and UDC have confirmed that plans are afoot to restage the annual Park Avenue Open Day in summer 2022, following a two year pandemic-induced hiatus.

UK firms face increased costs as supply issues continue to hit hard

supply chain continues to be hit hard
Supply and sales firms in the UK are being urged to prepare for “no let up” in the already strained global supply chain, as Omicron brings “even more challenges.” A perfect storm with imperfect timing.

Electrocoin uses all its skill to bring Skill Shooters to the UK

Electrocoin Skill Shooter redemption ACOS 21 Stergides
There’s a real buzz around Electrocoin at the moment as the company makes its mark in the redemption sector with its current market leader Skill Shooter. John Stergides sr talks to Coinslot about the company’s latest delivery of machines and why the industry veteran is on the pioneering trail once again.

Shipping crisis: Where America leads, will Europe follow?

Shipping port John Stergides Supply Chain
There’s nothing like a good news story, and this one is nothing like a good news story. Electrocoin’s John Stergides continues to monitor the choppy waters of the global shipping crisis and its impact on the supply chain. And whilst he’s not going overboard, he’s desperate for someone to throw the industry a life buoy.

Electrocoin to unveil Stern Pinball’s new Godzilla title at IAAPA

Stern Godzilla Pinball
Stern Pinball has partnered with Toho International, the subsidiary of the Japanese entertainment studio Toho Co, to launch a line of pinball machines that will include the iconic Godzilla franchise. And this title will be exhibited by Electrocoin at IAAPA Europe next week.

Price increase in Asia ports likely to affect industry imports

container crisis prices likely to affect industry
There is no sign of an easing in the world container crisis; in fact, it’s exacerbating. The problems, currently taking a stranglehold of ports in Asia, have sent waves all the way across to the UK amusements and gaming sector. There are no ships riding those waves, just a message: price rises and machine shortages are coming.

Stern announces The Mandalorian – inspired pinball

Stern Pinball The Mandalorian UK distribution Electrocoin
Stern Pinball has announced a new line of machines inspired by the Emmy award-winning Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, which will be distributed in the UK by Electrocoin.

Stergides: Government needs to lend its support during the container crisis

Shipping Container Crisis John Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s John Stergides has been in the industry long enough to recognise a crisis, and the shipping container troubles is a crisis sailing right towards the UK’s ports. But, he says, the government can help calm the waters.

Bacta confirms support for EAG expo with plans for “significant investment”

Bacta EAG investment
Bacta has stepped up to kick-start the industry’s trading recovery from what will effectively be 18 months stalled on the sidelines. The trade association has announced a major investment in its January B2B exhibition, support which should ensure the biggest assembly for the UK amusements industry in decades.

Electrocoin sure plays a mean pinball

Electrocoin Pinball John Stergides John A Stergides
It’s an evocative part of amusements history, and according to leading distributors Electrocoin, the game has a key role to play in the future. John A Stergides talks to Coinslot about the latest machines and what makes them so enduring.

Budget 2021 response – part 3

Budget 2021 response - Admiral AGC
The global giant Open earlier and clarify state aid limits, otherwise our high streets will be damaged not protected ZANE MERSICH CEO NOVOMATIC UK LIMITED Novomatic UK CEO Zane Mersich argues that the industry continues to be forgotten when it comes to the decision making process and that it’s imperative the operator’s venues are allowed to open with the rest of the high...

The road to recovery: A year of breadcrumbs

re-open views James Anderson Sam Coleman John Stergides Jonathan Lauder Justin Burke John White
When the doors do finally re-open for business and things start getting back to normal, what kind of normal are we looking at? Bacta has been courting the views of its Division 4 members on what the industry has experienced and how they view the road to recovery. Steph Norbury talks to five key people in the distribution line.

John Stergides: “We have been ignored”

John Stergides Supply chain
John Stergides’ lifetime business is certainly not ignored by those who want their money. Electrocoin has been a major contributor to the hospitality sector, and yet it receives none of the recognition

Electrocoin announces Led Zeppelin pinball among its 2021 launches

Electrocoin Led Zepplin pinball and ball paradise
Electrocoin has announced a host of exciting products and new developments of existing successful lines for the single site, AGC’s and FEC sectors.

‘It is clear that the local authorities do not understand our industry’

John Stergides 2020 review local authorities dont understand our business
The industry has adapted. However, it is clear that the local authorities do not understand our industry (and many others) fully as those in the supply chain have not been supported with enough help during the Covid situation and have been running the country to..

Trade dispute results in 25 per cent tariff on games imported from the US

Trade war dispute
A long-standing trade dispute between the European Union and the United States has caught the amusements industry in the cross-fire making games unsaleable. How do you fancy a 25 per cent rise in machine prices?

Stern Pinball and Electrocoin assemble to announce Avengers: Infinity Quest

Marvel Avengers Infinity Quest Stern Pinball
Stern Pinball has announced the availability of Avengers: Infinity Quest, a new line of Marvel themed pinball machines to be distributed by Electrocoin.

Skill Cut Winner goes to the fair

Skill Cut Winner Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s Skill Cut Winner, which can be found at all major FECs, theme parks, bowling centres and single sites throughout the UK, is now a big winner with travelling fairs.

John Stergides: What makes you tick?

John Stergides What Makes You Tick
John Stergides, co-founder of Electrocoin and one of the best- known figures in the UK industry, reveals how a chance meeting in London diverted him from pursuing a career with the Cypriot Army and why taking calculated risks can sometimes be mistaken for stubbornness

“The Government must act very quickly as we are already seeing companies that have been trading for many years close down”

John Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s John Stergides is in determined mood; all parts of the industry, he argues, have not had the full benefits of support from government and local authorities.

“We will overcome this”: Stergides confident of industry future

John Stergides Electrocoin
With the summer of 2020 potentially set to be wiped from the calendar, Coinslot spoke to Electrocoin MD John Stergides about his strategy for the immediate future, as well as the trials overcome by the industry in the past.

Park Avenue Open Day postponed as Covid-19 takes its toll

Park Avenue open day postponed
Hosted jointly by Electrocoin and the UDC, the industry calendar fixture has been deferred due to concerns over the safety of guests during the Coronavirus crisis.

Electrocoin’s five requests for the new Tory administration

Electrocoin John A Stergides
Responding to the question: “If you were asked for three things the government needs to sort out for you now, what would they be?”, Electrocoin’s John Stergides was not short on answers..

John Stergides’ My TouchTunes

John Stergides MyTouchtunes Electrocoin
Industry veteran John Stergides, Managing Director at ELECTROCOIN, brings a smorgasbord of globe-trotting delights to this week’s MyTouchtunes

Electrocoin to be bigger and better on Olympia’s stage

John Stergides, managing director at Electrocoin, comments on the strength of the industry, the importance of ACOS and what those in attendance of the show can expect from the company. Coinslot: How important will next week be in terms of assessing performances from the summer season? John Stergides:“It is very important as it gives a clearer indication on which products have...

Konami’s new dance revolution making the moves

konami dance
  One of the major talking points on the ACOS show floor last week was what will soon be hitting the arcade "dance floor" in the coming months.   To say that Konami’s DDRA is eagerly awaited would be an understatement, according to industry veteran John Stergides. The Electrocoin founder confirmed: “It has been well over seven years since the last Dance Dance...

All eyes on Electrocoin and UDC’s Park Avenue gathering

Coinslot - Electrocoin UDC Park Avenue
Electrocoin, in collaboration with UDC, will once again hold its Park Avenue display show on June 7 allowing companies to show off their latest products.   Over thirty companies including the likes of Bandai- Namco and Sega will head to London for the day, which will run between 10.00 to 17.00. “Once again we have had a fantastic response from companies wanting...

Stergides keeps focus on redemption market

Coinslot - John Stergides Electrocoin Redemption market UK
Electrocoin’s John Stergides gives his insight into what makes redemption tick, including some choice advice for operators on the best machines and prizes.   What trends have you seen within the redemption sector, in terms of game design and style? Stergides: Redemption games have steadily grown in popularity as manufacturers are now using established licensed brands, films, telephone games like Candy Crush...