Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Game Payment Technology aim to deliver cashless across the gaming board

John Rozek Game Payment Technology cashless gaming across the board
Game Payment Technology are in confident mood going into 2022, probably because of the diverse markets their cashless payment solutions serves. With two shows coming up and a new app on the horizon, John Rozek can’t wait to get moving.

‘Landmark achievement’: Game Payment cashless App secures Tier 1 UK bank approval

cashless payments John Rozek Game Payment Technology
The industry backed cashless payments app is now ready for site testing following agreement with a Tier 1 UK bank. The pioneering move is one that could revolutionise payment processes in the UK industry

Yalp is ‘social responsibility by design’

John Rozek, GPT’s Financial Compliance Director and a member of the team responsible for creating Yalp the cashless payments app which is being officially launched at EAG, will be drawing on his vast experience gained working in the payments sector...

How Yalp is setting the gold standard for cashless payments

ohn Rozek Game Payment Technology Cashless Payments solutions
John Rozek, Financial Compliance Director at Game Payment Technology, has been staggered by the level of engagement from the industry and argues the case in favour of SR.