Saturday, August 13, 2022

Tag: John Roche

Euromat makes a significant impression as Covid-19 webinar generates glowing reviews

Euromat webinar
The Covid-19 virus knows no borders, so when it comes to tackling the fall-out from the pandemic an international perspective seems an obvious route to take. European trade body Euromat took the lead with a recent webinar addressing the vast issues now facing the global industry.

Cloud of confusion hangs over update to Irish gambling regulation

Coinslot John Roche Irish gaming
The obfuscated process of updating Ireland’s outmoded 1956 gaming act remains just that. The questions of what, how, when and worse still - if - remains. Why is Ireland finding it so difficult to sort itself out? The long-awaited update to what can only be described as  “archaic” Irish gaming legislation has been invigorated this week with mixed comments leaking...