Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Joannie Peak

F4F named Showman of the Year 2021

Future 4 Fairgrounds named Showman of the Year 2021
The members of Future 4 Fairgrounds have together been named Showman of the Year 2021 by the SGGB, at the Guild’s annual Western Section luncheon.

Future 4 Fairgrounds highlights licensing failures

Future 4 Fairgrounds
Future 4 Fairgrounds has warned many UK councils are still blocking funfairs from taking place, despite government regulation allowing their operation as of 12 April.

Fairgrounds fighting for their future

Fairgrounds fighting for their future
Travelling fairs are facing a potentially catastrophic financial crisis, brought about by a combination of Covid, the refusal of some local authorities to issue licenses and the fairground’s unwelcome status as ‘a forgotten industry’.

Female showmen form Future 4 Fairgrounds campaign group

Showmen Future 4 Fairgrounds campaign
A group of female Showmen have launched a new campaign group, aiming to highlight the plight of the funfair industry and ensure its continued survival in the face of prohibitive and frequently unfair measures aimed at operators