Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tag: Jigsaw

Connected harness social media to drive Jigsaw success story

Jigsaw Connected social media
“Delivering a holistic approach to customer support through social media,” is how Connected Entertainment’s Key Account Manager, Freddie Shreeve, has described the latest client connectivity innovation for Jigsaw...

Why training isn’t the missing piece in NRM Group’s Jigsaw initiative

NRM Group, Connected Jigsaw
The team at NRM Group will seemingly go to any lengths in order to help their customers maximise their ‘return on entertainment technology' – as an on-going initiative in support of its sector leading Jigsaw touchscreen brand confirms...

Connected Entertainment set new standards

Connected Entertainment
Connected Entertainment has underlined its commitment to the sector through the provision of unique free of charge pre-season training for staff working for all of its holiday parks customers...