Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Labour promises new gambling act

Labour party manifesto gambling act
Jeremy Corbyn has promised to radically change the legislation governing Britain’s gambling landscape. So what does the future hold for gambling UK under a Labour government?

Is Corbyn the saviour? Labour leader pledges new approach to save the high street

Jeremy Corbyn High Street
In a visit to Bolton last weekend, Labour leader Jeremy Corby unveiled what his prospective Labour government would do to correct the sorry state of the..

“Radical overhaul” of UK gambling: Labour plans a £160m annual levy on industry

Labour Party
Convinced by what it claims is the “hidden epidemic” of gambling addiction in Britain, the Labour Party has placed itself in stark opposition to the gambling industry. The Labour Party has called for a “radical overhaul” of gambling regulation in the UK - and issued a raft of over-reaching proposals that would see a Corbyn government impose a mandatory levy...

Corbyn competition could breach gambling regulations

Jeremy Corbyn
According to news service Buzzfeed, an email was sent out to Labour members last week telling them that if they donated a minimum of £10, they would be entered into a draw to win a weekend at the party’s annual conference in Liverpool, including a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn backstage. What the email should have said, given the UK’s over-reaching...

Step aside and let us decide

Our present political system is demoralising, laments Ken Scott. Time, then, for us to take back control. I wrote to the Prime Minister today. Not about the Triennial - that’ll be another time. But about the Brexit mess. I asked her to let the British people and British businesses make the final decision on what form of Brexit we should...

Jeremy Corbyn pledges seaside support

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has extolled the virtues of Britain’s coastal resorts at the first of a series of visits to the UK’s historical holidaying hotspots.   Starting the tour in Southend with Holly Lynch, shadow minister for coastal communities, Corbyn outlined his party’s plans for seaside industries and regional tourism post-Brexit and how they would do best to reverse...

Corbyn pledges business boost for Blackpool

During a visit to the Fylde coast, Jeremy Corbyn announced plans for wholesale investment in Blackpool should Labour get to power, highlighting the importance of the leisure market.   The leader of the opposition noted that a lack of investment arising from Conservative austerity politics had taken their toll on the coastal resort, but was full of praise for the good...

Is Corbyn’s Labour worthy of a second chance?

Coinslot - Corbyn
Many across the country have - as early as two years ago - denounced Jeremy Corbyn as unelectable, but will his manifesto open the opportunity for public perception redemption? It’s nice for a political party to finally take a stand on FOBTs, even if the reasoning in the manifesto is one dimensional. If anything, it may urge the Tories and Lib...

What does Labour’s manifesto mean for industry?

Coinslot - Labour manifesto
Labour’s manifesto for the 2017 general election pulls no punches against FOBTs, but what does the party’s other policies mean for the amusements industry?   Labour will reduce the maximum stake on FOBTS and increase the delay between spins, the party manifesto promises, as well as reviewing ‘the large-scale demise of pubs’ and improving infrastructure outside of the South-East. Leaked on 11...

Corbyn pledges to scrap quarter year reports

Coinslot - Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn has set out Labour’s business objectives in a speech to the Federation of Small Businesses, with quarter year reports and business rates reform among their priorities.   “I want to make it clear today that we will not raise the small business corporation tax rate. “What people running small businesses tell me is that they are fed up with there...

Corbyn’s re-election disarms high street traders in Barrow-in-Furness

Coinslot Corbyn
The Labour leader’s restoration is already ruffling feathers in the Cumbrian town of Barrow-in-Furness, whose local businesses depend upon the nuclear deterrent that Corbyn so despises.   With the news that Labour’s pacifist leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has secured an even larger mandate than he did a year ago, many Conservatives will be quietly applauding what they see as another nine years at...