Friday, December 3, 2021

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Poppleston Allen: “Despite society’s changing entertainment demands, cash usage and attitudes towards gambling, the ‘pub fruity’ can thrive”

Poppleston Allen Richard Allen social responsibility
As part of a series of legal-based articles on the industry, Richard Bradley, Associate Solicitor at Poppleston Allen, gets fruity with the Coinslot community, albeit in a pub machines kind of way. If the industry can crack the code for top grade social responsibility and light touch regulation, then the opportunities for gaming machines could be rosy.

Older patrons impact dip in sales at Wetherspoons

Older patrons impact dip in sales at JD Wetherspoon
Falling sales of bitter and stout contribute to 8.9 percent dip in sales compared to numbers achieved two years ago. Wetherspoons is having to weather the storm.   Leading PubCo JD Wetherspoon has highlighted a two-tier market with younger drinkers driving sales of cocktails, and rum (up 45 percent and 26 per cent respectively) compared with a decrease in sales of...

Comment – Regulation in Crisis? / Misleading Covid stats damaging businesses on high street

Comment 2759 regulation in crisis
The conveyor belt of Gambling Commission chief executives has churned out yet another bully - it must be part of the job description. Andrew Rhodes has this week told the industry it’s not doing anywhere near enough on social responsibility - it may be a new face, but it’s the same old words. Bullying is part of the Gambling Commission’s DNA.

JD Wetherspoon unveils plans for worker directors as company confirms record loss

JD Wetherspoon confirms record loss
Tim Martin has confirmed an imaginative plan to bring experience and knowledge to its board but can’t escape record pre-tax loss of £154.7 million.

Pubs pondering a price rise on a plate and a pint

hospitality VAT
The government will start reining in the temporary reduction in VAT for the hospitality sector next week with the rate rising from 5 to 12.5 percent. And with it will come a probable rise in prices at pubs. That’s the signal from a small survey of publicans who say that they expect to increase the price of a pint and food.

Accelerate the exit from lockdown argues Imperial College professor

John Wallace Linton roadmap economic recovery exit lockdown
The government’s narrow definition is masking the true impact of Covid’s long-term cost on the economy. The roadmap to recovery is going to cost the country a great deal more than opening up earlier.

Relaxation of laws means an extra 9,000 pubs could reopen

Brighton pubs beer outside
Communities Minister Robert Jenrick gets into the spirit of reopening by cutting marquee red tape as Marston’s look to serve punters in 700 English gardens.

Spoons forecast a £14 million hit from second lockdown

JD Wetherspoon second lockdown
“The entire regulatory situation is a complete muddle.” So said JD Wetherspoon chief Tim Martin as he unveiled the impact of a second national lockdown during the release of the pub operator’s latest financial results for the four months up to 8 November.

Will pubs turn to tech for social distancing support?

Pub tech social distancing
Post-lockdown social distancing rules are forcing pubs to adapt through the use of technology.

Martin causes a coronavirus stir in Spoons staff wages row

jd wetherspoon Tim Martin
Controversial Wetherspoons chairman Tim Martin provoked fierce anger last week, after suggesting that the company might not pay its locked-down staff until government..

JD Wetherspoons unveil massive new expansion scheme

JD Wetherspoon sign
Wetherspoons CEO Tim Martin says the pubco will splurge some £200m on a host of new pubs and hotels over the next four years...

Cashless not waiting for stragglers

Britain will move beyond "peak cash" later this year, according to data gathered by the Guardian, which also shows JD Wetherspoon cash payments falling by about five percentage points every year for the past four years.   Indeed, the pub chain’s cash purchases in 2016-17 were around 60 percent - still above the halfway mark, but down from 78 percent in...