Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Will pubs turn to tech for social distancing support?

Pub tech social distancing
Post-lockdown social distancing rules are forcing pubs to adapt through the use of technology.

Martin causes a coronavirus stir in Spoons staff wages row

jd wetherspoon Tim Martin
Controversial Wetherspoons chairman Tim Martin provoked fierce anger last week, after suggesting that the company might not pay its locked-down staff until government..

JD Wetherspoons unveil massive new expansion scheme

JD Wetherspoon sign
Wetherspoons CEO Tim Martin says the pubco will splurge some £200m on a host of new pubs and hotels over the next four years...

Cashless not waiting for stragglers

Britain will move beyond "peak cash" later this year, according to data gathered by the Guardian, which also shows JD Wetherspoon cash payments falling by about five percentage points every year for the past four years.   Indeed, the pub chain’s cash purchases in 2016-17 were around 60 percent - still above the halfway mark, but down from 78 percent in...