Monday, September 28, 2020

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EUROMAT makes the case for exemption from money laundering regulations

Euromat making case for exemption money laundering regulation
The clear distinction between different gaming operations are key to regulation, and so it should be for money laundering rules too. Euromat is arguing that when it comes to low stake gaming machines, the regulators need to show sense and reason: certain levels of operation are simply too low risk.

Does she mean us? Is gambling really the new tobacco?

Carolyn Harris Gambling new tobacco
Is gambling really the new tobacco? Industry figures speak about the consequences of such an association, how it undermines confidence in social responsibility initiatives and how important it is to recognise the distinct gambling sectors.

Cash freeze shows exactly why the industry must have access to the broadest range of payment methods

low stake gambling payment methods
The low stake gambling industry faces being caught between a rock and a hard place, with machine players squeezed by the legal restriction which currently prohibits the use of debit cards on gaming machines and a programme of closures which has seen one in eight banks and cashpoints close during the pandemic. Jason Frost highlights the dilemma.

Euromat makes a significant impression as Covid-19 webinar generates glowing reviews

Euromat webinar
The Covid-19 virus knows no borders, so when it comes to tackling the fall-out from the pandemic an international perspective seems an obvious route to take. European trade body Euromat took the lead with a recent webinar addressing the vast issues now facing the global industry.

‘Why couldn’t a single venue on the high street offer all forms of gaming?’

Jason Frost Chairman Euromat single venue gaming
Euromat president Jason Frost takes a look at what the new normal will look like for the industry, once we get back up and running.

Euromat Webinar attracts key thought leaders and opinion formers

Euromat webinar
'Getting ready for re-opening during Covid-19’ is the title of Euromat’s free to participate webinar taking place on Tuesday 12 May 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (BST).

Frost welcomes EU move towards an exit from containment measures but more can be done for EUROMAT members

European Parliament Euromat Jason Frost
Yesterday’s European Council videconference saw Member States agreeing the outline of an economic recovery plan and endorsing the Commission’s roadmap setting out a path to exit from containment measures.

Euromat lobby European Commission as Roadmap emerges for exit strategy and lifting of restrictions

European Parliament Euromat Jason Frost
Now, we’re all waiting on a roadmap to lead us away from Covid-19 and into economic revival. This week saw the European Union issue its plan; Euromat President Jason Frost considers the highlights.

EGAS drawing focus to land-based sector

EGAS drawing focus
The eyes of the amusements and gaming industry will turn to Ireland for the inaugural European Gaming and Amusement Summit (EGAS).

Regulatory uncertainty to follow in the wake of Brexit

Brexit Jason Frost Euromat
The hard work of establishing a new relationship with the EU is only just beginning - and according to Jason Frost, president of Euromat, a whole host of crucial questions have yet to be answered.

FECs touted as “growth area” for 2020

FEC growth 2020 crane family entertainment centres
Family Entertainment Centres could be an important source of growth for the industry across the continent this year if lawmakers can be educated about the realities of the leisure and soft gambling sectors.

Frost seeks counsel of industry legend as he embarks on another term of office

As he embarks on his second term as President of EUROMAT Jason Frost has sought the counsel of industry legend, and current Novomatic President, Professor Johann Graf. Fresh from gaining the unanimous support of EUROMAT members for a second term of office at the association’s Annual General Meeting in May, EUROMAT President, Jason Frost, made his way to Vienna in...

Jason Frost’s My TouchTunes

Jason Frost
Continuing the eclectic, genre spanning of Nigel French’s list, this week Jason Frost, President of EUROMAT, brings his slice of harmonic history to the fore. For Jason, his musical loves aren’t based on which category or era they’re from, the most important thing is...

Why FUN is the common currency in EUROMAT’s campaign for Redemption

Jason Frost Coinslot EUROMAT redemption
From President of Bacta to President of EUROMAT, Jason Frost continues to mark out his credentials as both a listener and a leader. Following on from the battle over B2s his focus is now firmly on protecting and growing the redemption market across the Continent of Europe...

Frost warns of online industry threat to gaming’s reputation

Jason Frost Euromat Bacta AGM562
Social responsibility has forced its way to the top of the industry agenda and, says Euromat president Jason Frost..

Bacta raise the political stakes

Coinslot - bacta political
Bacta has embarked on one of the most intensive programmes of political engagement in its recent history initiating three high profile events in the course of a week.   On Tuesday 19th September, a bacta delegation comprising President, Gabi Stergides, former President Jason Frost and Chief Executive John White, attended a meeting at Downing Street with Alex Martin, Advisor on Economic...

Euromat looks to add conference locations

Coinslot - Euromat Jason Frost
As Britain begins negotiations regarding its departure from the European Union, Euromat’s new president Jason Frost is looking to bring the continent’s trade body closer together.   While national politics is expected to progress slowly following Theresa May’s muted election victory, Euromat president Jason Frost has been planning to make some positive changes to the trade body’s meeting calendar. Indeed, as well...

Frost appointed President of EUROMAT for two-year term

Coinslot - Jason Frost EUROMAT president
Jason Frost has promised action on electronic payment as he is confirmed as President of EUROMAT.   The Annual General Meeting of the European Gaming and Amusement Federation confirmed Jason Frost as its next President serving a two-year term. He will be supported by Uwe Christiansen who was elected as Vice President and Mirjana Acimovic of JAKTA in Serbia, who was re-elected...

Statistics show “hardcore” state of FOBT’s high stakes

Coinslot - FOBT stakes statistics review cost commission
Industry statistics published by the Gambling Commission have shown that FOBTs brought in £1.8bn for bookmakers. But, Bacta analysis has uncovered the effect of B2’s £100 maximum stake. The FOBT debate will not go away.   Analysis of industry statistics by Bacta has revealed that FOBTs are responsible for 96 percent of all machine gross gambling yield (GGY) made in excess...

Gabi Stergides sets out progressive bacta agenda

Coinslot - Gabi Stergides Bacta conservative knowledge
Bacta’s new president, Gabi Stergides, lays out his six point plan to shape the trade body’s future.   Gabi Stergides, who has succeeded Jason Frost as Bacta’s National President, has outlined a progressive and wide ranging, six point, policy programme which will underpin his tenure in the association’s hot seat. The six point plan of action, which does not preclude additional activities...

Frost states bacta well-equipped to make a difference

Coinslot - Jason Frost bacta
Jason Frost reflects on how Bacta members can make a political difference as his presidency comes to a close.   Jason Frost believes that Bacta and its membership is well equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead as well as take full advantage of the opportunities to engage with a leisure hungry population. Reflecting on his two year stint as Bacta...

New leadership team takes up duties at Bacta

Coinslot - bacta Gabi Stergides
Bacta’s leadership cycle enters a new term with Gabi Stergides stepping up to the role of National President. The change of guard serves to underline long held values of the association: that family run businesses are vital to the British economy, and young entrepreneurs are crucial to the development and sustainability of the industry. Stergides ticks both those boxes...

MPs support #Kisses4Wishes as bacta raises over £8,000 at Parliamentary Reception

Coinslot bacta
The bacta charitable trust has set itself an ambitious target of increasing its contribution to the Rays of Sunshine charity to over £500,000 by the end of 2017. The target, which equates to an additional £190,000, was announced at the parliamentary reception for the charity held in the House of Commons last week and attended by 14 MPs including four...

Jason Frost looks back on all that Bacta has achieved under his stewardship

Coinslot EAG BACTA JasonFrost initiative
As he approaches the end of his presidency, Jason Frost looks back on all that Bacta has achieved under his stewardship and explores the key challenges that the industry has tackled   Coinslot Review: You have been associated with Bacta first as a member and then as its president for many years, how has the Association changed over that time span? Jason...

Bacta has high hopes for EAG Expo showpiece

Coinslot Bacta
Visitors to EAG will be able to draw on the knowledge and insight of the bacta team   Visitors to EAG will be able to participate in the free seminar programme which is being curated by bacta, meet with representatives of the entire bacta team including National President, Jason Frost, CEO, John White and Head of Compliance, Phil Silver as well...

Bacta convention – Division leaders on contactless urgency

Coinslot Bacta convention
Although the post-lunch Challenge Panel touched on a range of issues concerning the future of the coin-op industry, it was once again debit cards which dominated proceedings, as the trade body’s division leaders stressed the importance of rapid action. One of Bacta president Jason Frost’s key internal contributions during this past year has been the work of his Strategy Committee....

Groundbreaking report backs lowering FOBT stakes ahead of Triennial Review

coinslot FOBT campaign BALPPA
An independent report into the effects of lowering FOBT stakes has, for the first time, created a compelling body of evidence to put before the DCMS, just ahead of the Triennial Review deadline. A potentially pivotal report has been published in the battle for a level playing field on the high street, examining what effects radically lowering the stakes of...

Bacta present the economic facts on FOBTs to Parliamentary Group

Coinslot bacta John White PPL
Making its case to the movers and shakers in parliament most concerned with taking action FOBTs, bacta will lay out the well-worn reasons why something must be done to address imbalance on the high street. A bacta delegation, comprised of national president, Jason Frost and chief executive, John White, has accepted an invitation to give evidence to the All Party...