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The best ever Jaybox

Coinslot - Jaybox features app
The first quarter of 2018 saw a new and improved Jaybox showcased at EAG, and sales director, Jamie Barnett comments that there are further upgrade rollouts in the pipeline. At EAG Jaybox showcased upgrades and improvements to the already well-established Jaybox product, including improved graphics and on-screen menus, backlighting, new fascias, new website, improved live access and an exciting low...

Jaybox launch new IT infrastructure for new features

Coinslot - Jaybox features app
As Jaybox aims to add new features and a smartphone app to its offering, the company has completed an overhaul of its IT infrastructure to allow for significant software development.   Jaybox has announced the completion of its new IT infrastructure, launching ‘live’ on 28 May to allow for exciting new developments in the medium to long term future. Indeed this...

Jaybox: Set to keep it simple this summer

Coinslot - Jaybox Sound of summer
With a summer of sound fast approaching, Jaybox has launched a limited-time price offer exemplifying the company’s simple business philosophy.   Jaybox has launched a limited- time price offer to the market as the company continues to pass on its savings and efficiencies to operators. This strategy follows through on the manufacturer’s refreshingly simple philosophy; to provide the best music catalogue through...

Jaybox confirms commiment to operator profits by absorbing new year costs

Coinslot Jaybox Jukebox
A new year often means an increase in costs for operators, however, jukebox manufacturer Jaybox has absorbed an increase in licence fees and committed to its fixed-fee policy. Jaybox has announced there will be no increase in fees this year as the company continues to follow its simple business model; provide the best machines with the best music catalogue so...

Jaybox: Setting the standard in customer service

Coinslot Jaybox Jukebox
Starting as a side project for managing director Graham Bolderson in 2002, Jaybox jukeboxes now feature in arcades, pubs and bars across the country. However, despite this success, the company has not forgotten the importance of providing a high level of customer service. Jukebox manufacturer Jaybox is aiming to distinguish itself from competition by setting a new standard in customer...