Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Majestic hit the high notes with Clubingo® formula attracting capacity crowds to Mansfield

Clubingo Majestic Mark Jepp
Bingo has shown itself to be a resilient sector of the business and there’s one brand in particular that’s setting its own narrative with a combination of dedication, hard work and huge amounts of creative nous. Mark Jepp explains the latest innovations at Majestic Bingo.

Full house for Majestic board meeting

Majestic Bingo board meeting
Majestic Bingo held its annual board meeting at Apollo Mansfield on 23 September, with the company’s executives coming together to discuss the future of the award winning bingo brand.

Majestic vision:

Majestic Bingo Full House
The bingo industry could be the subject of a national free-to-air tv series following a hugely positive response to a pilot featuring Majestic Bingo that was broadcast on BBC Wales last week.