Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Ireland seeks CEO for new regulator

Ireland seeks CEO for new regulator
The Irish government is looking to recruit a CEO for its new gambling regulator, justice minister James Browne confirmed.

Ireland on the cusp of launching gambling regulator

James Browne Ireland Gambling regulations
The Irish government is finally pressing ahead with new regulations for the country’s vibrant industry.

Irish legislators to decide regulator powers

Irish legislators regulator to decide regulatory powers
Irish legislators have begun the process of defining the jurisdiction of the country’s new independent gambling regulator, agreed as part of the Interim Gaming and Lotteries Act.

Amendments approved to new Irish gambling bill

Amendments approved irish gambling bill
The Dáil has continued to inch along its glacial path towards meaningful regulation in the Republic of Ireland: with TDs this week formalising prospective amendments to the initial draft of the new Gaming and Lotteries Act.