Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Innovation and reliability go hand in hand for Electrocoin

Electrocoin Innovation reliability jackpot UK gaming market
Offering a combination of “familiarity and a higher jackpot” Electrocoin’s brand new B4 product proved the star of the stand at ICE 2019, alongside sure-fire hits for the UK gaming market. Innovation was a topic forefront in the minds of attendees at this year’s ICE, something which manufacturer and supplier Electrocoin kept at the heart of its offering. With the firm...

Four bingo players net over £150,000 at same bingo hall in one month

Players at Castle Bingo, in Merthyr Tydfil have been left stunned as after a set of huge wins in the space of one month. One player took home £50,000 at the end of July - followed by two £47,000 jackpots and another £10,000 win. The first winner, mother-of-three, Judith, from Tredegar, was introduced to bingo by her husband 20 years ago...

Castle Jackpot: £100,000 won by Castle members in seven days

Castle Bingo
Four lucky Castle Bingo players have been celebrating taking home a total of over £100k of Castle Jackpot prize money in the last 7 days alone. The game is an exclusive game played by all of the Castle Clubs. If the winner calls the Castle 45 number on one line they win an extra £10,000, on two lines they win...

Bingo bosses reveal luckiest number – and it may surprise you

bingo bosses
The number 13 may be unlucky for some, with many people traditionally avoiding the number altogether, but bingo bosses have revealed that the number 13 is actually one of the luckiest numbers for punters. According to bosses at Mecca Bingo - which has just under 90 bingo clubs across the UK - the number 13 seems to bring good fortune...